Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Breakdown.

For the first time since the conception of this blog, I went a day without posting...DUN DUN DUN!

It feels kind of like standing someone up for a date(I've never actually done that, but shame on you if you have). And if there's anyone I wouldn't want to do that to(aside from my lovely lady), it's my readers. Partially because it's not constructive to keeping people coming back if I'm not consistent. Also because you guys are all I got, in regards to fans/followers. On that note, I'm sorry

Seeing as I'm not quite in the mood to break down something specific, I'm just going to run you through my weekend:

Friday- I didn't have class, but I had other duties that required me to wake up around 10am for lunch hours. (NOTE: I've gotten so used to having my sleeping in days and it sucks to lose them. I have a Tuesday-Thursday school week. Therefore, I sleep in Fridays-Monday.) Whatever. Then I...hmm...I'm seem to be having a memory lapse or something cause I can't recall anything else. In the evening I had a pledge event, "The Hunt." It was tiring as hell, but still purposeful. I made it a point to constantly prod and verbally joust with Pat Brown. That was fun while it lasted, but even I have a point at which I just can't joke anymore due to fatigue and decreased energy. I finally get back to my room around 2:30am. Never before has my bed been as embracing nor as warm. So, like anyone would, I reciprocated this affection...until some douche decided to spite this mutualistic relationship with my mattress and pillows by TRIGGERING THE FIRE ALARM. So after standing outside and listening to Jose say "shat-up" and "alriiiiiiigh" for an hour, I rejoined my bed to make up for lost time.Saturday: This was my most eventful day, so get ready to do some reading...Again, I wake up 10am, this time for library hours at 11am--meanwhile I get there to find out the library opens at 11am 12pm. We were told 11am in order to test our discipline or whatnot(at least that's what I surmised). After grabbing some breakfast in Dickinson(Beware: Not only does Dickinson have an obnoxious draft, but saturday mornings also mean that they will be hosting a bunch of children there for breakfast. I don't mind kids, but last time I ran into them they were very loud, rowdy, and distracting), we head over to the library. Between studying for my psychology midterm, I fulfill my promise to Pat Brown Jr. by imposing his head on a certain picture...

 My inspiration from this picture stems from another internet meme that you can find here. After library hours, I meet up with my fellow pledges to partake in the event for the day simply known as "A Cold Day in Oakdale." This was  probably the most "lulz"-filled event thus far. Highlights include: Andy's middle school picks, lingerie shopping, the Jekyl/Hyde sisters, and my suaveness outside Ruby Tuesday. Oh yeah, and Blake's new Lithuanian friends. After that and a quick drive to Kohls, I came back to my room to learn that my two engaged friends(Wyoma and Dan), who were visiting this weekend, were already here chilling with Peter and Anna. We decide to go out to eat at Five Guys for some burgers. It was my first time. I found the burger itself to be good(not award-winning) but unnecessarily pricey. The one aspect that I did appreciate was the plethora of toppings to choose from. I also learned that having grilled onions, jalapenos, and hot sauce is a little spicy all at once. After Five Guys, we sought out this mystical place known as Sonic. (Insert some phone calls and fiddling with GPS) Voila! One fifteen minute drive later--Peter, Dan, and I are all holding RT44's which are ultimately 44 ounce cups filled with slushies. I believe that thing lasted me close to 4 hours. The only downside to it was that I'm pretty convinced every RT44 comes comes with a side of Type-5 diabetes. We get the ladies(Wyoma and Anna) some bubble tea from The Old Teahouse right next to campus. Back in Mohawk, we decide to commence a game of "Electronic Banking Monopoly." This thing invokes a whole new set of strategies now that the cash is gone and everyone is rockin' debit cards. Once me and Pete were out of the game, we have some fun Jose and his overprotective nature with his fitted; he makes no sense. Debating whether to bowl or play poker, the group unanimously(or unitarily) decided to start The Dark Knight, which is probably the greatest movie of its kind and others ever created. I make attempts at my psychology review before catching the last hour or so of the movie and going to sleep.

Sunday: I wake up at some time that I'm still not sure of due to this clock changing nonsense. I slowly get up and drag myself around to get ready while Wyoma, Dan, Pete, and Anna go to eat breakfast in the dining hall since they move at a normal pace. I shower and then eat some oatmeal(+5 for being healthy) while figuring out what's going on for the day. I get a text about library hours at 3pm which is followed by a text informing pledges that library hours are invalidated due to the Greek Life at Binghamton getting into an uproar about lunch hour-related incidents among all fraternities/sororities. They call an emergency congregation of all pledges from 3-6pm. That doesn't seem to me like a 3-hour time period which I can forfeit considering my Bio midterm is on monday and psych is tuesday. I politely email their office about my circumstances and they not only excuse me, but wish me luck(wonder what'll that do for me). I start some studying and find out that there will another session of monopoly today. After joining late(when atleast 75% property is already bought), I don't hang in too long with only 2-3 spots to my name. Once eliminated, I continue studying for bio until their game of monopoly ends. At that point, Dan and Wyoma decide it's their time to hit the road(hopefully not literally considering the risk of potholes and the low Camaro SS they'd be cruising in). After walking them out, I decide to start up my baller laptop to bang this post out. And there ya' go. Here I am. After this, I have a review session for psychology at 7pm. Then it's some combination of taking a nap and doing more studying for biology. What a riveting night I have ahead of me...


And for something amusing and loosely related to the fact we watched The Dark Knight:


Friday, March 12, 2010

Is that precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals or is that Miike Snow...?

No, that's no typo. It's Mike but with an extra 'I.' Crazy swedes...

 Quite an interesting mascot they picked; seems to be a hybrid of a rabbit and deer species.

Anyways, Miike Snow is an electronic Swedish band, who sings in English. Others have classified them as electropop and indie pop. But with all the effects they use, I group them with Neon Indian and The Memory Tapes--both of which are also great bands, even if it does seem they should be listened to in conjuction with the use of lysergic acid diethylamide(ACID).

I acquired their self-titled album today, which their most popular track, "Animal," playing as I type this. I think one of the most enjoyable aspects about this album is the underlying beat to which you can't stop yourself from dancing to. The album itself has a decent range from slower like "Burial" to something more upbeat and morning status like "Song For No One." None of these tracks fail to provide a reason to tap your feet and dance in place. Maybe it's just me, but they're really growing on me.

RANDOM TIDBIT: Other artists in my Recently Added folder on iTunes include Big L, Gorillaz and Wu Tang Clan. Talk about a varied taste in music. Weirdest part is that I'm not thrown off when it goes from this to this to this.

Well, that's my insight on Miike Snow. I suggest you try them on for size, if you haven't already sampled the embedded links above. And if you aren't feelin' it, don't worry. I'm not restricting myself to just one genre of music. Speaking of which, my Jedi Mind Tricks discography seems to have downloaded...

Have a good evening. And for my closer...

If you don't understand how there can be rules to the internet, you have much to learn. And that's what I'm here for.

Revision(One of the other 'R' words)

So, in retrospect, these last few posts are still somewhat experimental in the context of my blog. I came into this world of blogging with the intention of going at it from a stream of consciousness approach. I've  always preferred to write that way for assignments and such simply because I feel like following my train of thoughts alone, can be an entertaining route. Unfortunately, I feel as I've been neglecting to consider my readership. I have come to realize that my blog posts are lengthy and can be dragged out. As the author, I'm still trying to find my parameters, but I still apologize to you for that.

I'm going to try and not be as tangential(if you enjoy the tangents, they'll still be there--just shorter) and be more focused. Also, I'd like to increase the lulz for you, as my audience. 

For the future, I plan on posting possibly more than one blog a day, but they'll be on specific topics ranging from music, movies, books, life, relationships, the randomness offered by the internet and whatever else comes to mind. Plus, I promise I'll try to shorten them, =]

It might seem silly to say I'm going to do more shorter posts as opposed to less longer posts. The reasoning behind this is that by browsing the titles/intros to the  posts, you can decide if it's something you're interested in or not. I'm going to be posting on a wide range of topics, so hopefully something will appeal to you. If there are any other ways to improve my blog or anything you want to see in the future, just let me know!

M. Malone.

Myspace 2.0 AKA Facebook

Before we get into the heat of it with tonight's topic, I'd just like to make a comment on television these days. For the first time in a long time, I'm actually quite content with the lineup for the shows this season of the year; Monday(How I Met Your Mother, House M.D., & 24), Wednesday(Human Target), Thursday(The Office & The Deep End). It might seem like it's only three night's worth but between my busy schedule and coursework, the accumulated time of 5 hours is enough to hold me over. I usually spread them out throughout the week so I don't get bored. As we speak, I'm watching Human Target(online). It's a show about a MacGyver-esque bodyguard who protects/rescues high value targets. All in all, it's an entertaining action series, albeit predictable. Nevertheless, I find it holds my attention enough to keep me coming back. You should give it a try.

(Here's the episode I'm currently streaming:

 So as the title says, tonight I'll be delving into the phenomenon of FB. The social networking wormhole of people everywhere. If you're reading my blog, you should probably have a good idea of what Facebook is. Now realizing how multi-faceted and complex it is, whether or not I'll hit all the points I'm planning on making will affect if this becomes a two part blog. At its begininng, Facebook was strictly reserved for college students(betcha' ya' didn't know that). In order to register, you needed to validate your information with a college email(in layman's term it must end with an .edu). The purpose of it was to connect collegiates of the same university to one another for educational and social purposes. If you weren't a collegian and dabbled in the "intrawebz" you had a Myspace. For all those who are unfamilar with Myspace...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?

But for your consideration, Myspace Definition.

Dissimilar from most people, I am not only a minimalist(prefer things streamlined/simple) but I also greatly despised bulletins that were either informing me how I'd be mauled by a zombie kangaroo who actually my brother's daughter who hung herself and kills those who don't repost her tragic story in 48768 seconds. And if that wasn't the case, it was someone who would be posting this message about twenty times- "NU PIKS GUISE! PLEEZ KOMMENT CUZ I KNEED ATTENSHUN!" I don't know about you, but I can only read a bulletin like that before I want to maim myself in the eyes with plastic sporks. When I encountered such bulletins the first time, I generally shot the guilty party a message asking them to chill a little bit. If this deal was neglected or refused, DELETE!

I continued to put up with the surveys, chain bulletins, and surveys until I caught word of this "Book of Faces."

I transferred over to it just for the sake of keeping in touch with some people who weren't up on that Myspace ish. At first it was an awkward transition, but eventually I got acclimated and...I...<3 IT! It was very straightforward, no flashy backgrounds, no gay(towards heteros, that is) bulletins, and no one asks for picture comments.


I liked the set-up. I liked the UI(User interface, for all you non-geeks). And I liked the demographic of people who used it.

Unfortunately, it appears that as of late, Facebook has begun its downfall like the Roman empire. Now, all I constantly see, is people adding fan pages or joining groups. Let me make this clear though, groups and fan pages had an intended purpose. That purpose, is to create a way for people with similar interests to meet each other. It is not to comment on and pick at menial things that people might encounter in their daily life. Let's just browse my news feed and see some of the latest fan pages people have been "liking"-

1) "It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I'll always be tired when I wake up."
2) "Resisting the urge to punch terrible customers in the face."
3) "I Send Texts That Make No Sense When I'm Sleeping."
4) "Nah. We don't go out. We just talk."
5) "Hanging out with the same person everyday and NEVER getting bored of them."

Hopefully you've started to notice the trend with how nonsensical, unnecessary, or pointless these are. Yeah, we might experience some of these things. They're nothing extraordinary. So what purpose does it serve, to acknowledge something blatantly obvious. In the end, they all beg the question, "Really? You're really going to join that group because of the fact you've experienced something as ordinary, mundane, and common as the title states?" Which reminds me, the group's have NO SUBSTANCE aside from their uncreative titles. Nothing constructive comes from these pages. You don't use any of the topics of these pages to start a meaningful conversation or meet people. They're not substantial enough to be a basis for anything. These groups are akin to me creating a group called "I Get Wet When I'm Taking A Shower."

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if that is already a group for that. AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Why? Do you feel satisfied joining these groups? You're only encouraging the creation of more. It's going to result in FB going extinct like Myspace. Fret not, I'm sure another social networking site will rise up only to be corrupted by children and failures who have nothing better to do than create these ridiculous groups. That's all I'm going to say about that now.

I was planning on discussing what makes FB so effective(people's narcissism and need to scrutinize everyone else's life). Why everyone feels the need to be aware of everything, is beyond me. But Facebook's future isn't looking good from where I'm sitting. Maybe I'll get into that in a later post.

Until then, I'm logging out for today.

Lights out, Blogspot.

PS- I think I'm going to try to end on a funny note. Leave you with a laugh or two. Seeing as I was googling some Demotivational posters, here's one for the road...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something For Them Bookworms.

So I'm sitting here in my bio class and I'm bored. I know that technically that's not a reason to neglect the class and write on my blog. What I didn't tell you is that I'm amazing at multitasking. I'm able to pay attention as well as get my thoughts out...

Speaking of thoughts, after some thinking I have come to realize that to restrict myself to one post a day would be injust to not only me, but to all my adoring fans(yes, you are part of that demographic). It's especially hard since I'm usually going through random trains of thought in my head. Having a venue, like the Internet, where my thoughts could hypothetically be read by anyone is also tempting. Therefore, I've decided that along with my topic-based posts, I shall also be writing smaller(knowing me, probably not) and more eclectic posts. Just whatever's on my mind.

By the way, CARBON CYCLE! Yup. Told you I was paying attention.

But yeah, there's no one really interesting for me to observe and/or write about. Everyone's too serious. I never understood why people are so serious about classes. Now I'm not saying that they shouldn't care. They definitely should unless they plan on dropping out soon. But I think that there are ways to study and do well without spending nine hours a day in the library. More study time does not necessarily equate to higher grades. And even if it does work for you, that's not to say there aren't more efficient ways. Studies show that your brain can only learn so many new things in so much time. Hence, cramming isn't the best idea. You might remember things for a period of time until it's forgotten to make room for the new information. Space out your reading people, do a little here and there, ya' dig?

Wow. I got pretty serious right thurr. Time to add some humor; what do you tell a woman with two black eyes?



Nothing! You already told her twice!

Haha. I love that one. One of my friends brought it up last night. Good times, good times.

And no, I don't believe in women's rights, if that's what you were wondering.

Alright. I'll be back later with today's topic.

Great Expectations.

In case you're wondering about whether or not all my titles will be pseudo-epic(clearly they've been so thus far), the answers is HELLS to the YEAH.

So I've been doing some pondering as to what I'll be writing about in the future. As a little teaser for all(seven) of you, potential upcoming subjects I'll be touching upon are black people, redheads, and other things so awesome that my brain refuses to reveal them to me at this time.

As I sit here at this desk in the library, I am bored out of my mind. I have a Bio test coming up with a Psyc test the next day, but those things can wait. I have a blog to write, I realize.

The topic on which I'd like to dive into today is piercings(tanks Toota).

Seeing as this topic is going to improv status, let's get to it...

My friend is thinking about getting a piercing. Since she was thinking about the possibility today and gave it to me as a suggestion for a blog, I'm doing it. (NOTE: See, this could've been you if you gave me an idea.) Anyways, the piercings she was debating were a second hole in her ear, a bellybutton ring, or nose piercing. In my opinion, I think with the creative minds that are out there, she's limiting herself. She neglected to mention a lip piercing which has become quite popular worldwide, as seen below:

DISCLAIMER: Lip plate piercings do not include a complimentary AK-47 and Classic iPod. Sorry.

Nevertheless, unfortunately it's her body so it's ultimately her decision(insert disappoint).

Instead of making suggestions though, I will give my own personal analysis of each of the aforementioned piercing with a final verdict. Just be aware that I am not basing this on any experience and I shall merely be generalizing.


1) Second ear piercing- based on the basic description I got, I'm going to assume this just going to be another standard piercing. Not an industrial or gauge(which I think are cool--if the person can pull it off). The way I see it, so many people have multiple standard piercings that they've become a norm of sorts. They're not unique as much as just a slight modification. It's like saying, "HAY! I want to be cool and rebellious but not be too risky or out there, I'll just get a second hole in my ear." Mind you, I have no piercings nor am I a female. But this is how I perceive it. So what am I getting at? BORING. It's whatever.

2) Bellybutton piercing- the infamous margaritiferous midriff (that's my attempt at a hip name for a bellybutton piercing). If you don't know what that means, look it up. It'll improve your diction. But yes, in my opinion, I find this to be quite a promiscuous piercing. If you don't agree, SHUT UP. Really though, let me elaborate. In the grand scheme of things, piercings(and tattoos) are, at heart, a form of self expression. Therefore, I don't buy into that whole "I don't care if other people see it, it's there for my self-satisfaction"-nonsense. With this assumption, a primary purpose that any adornment in the bellybutton region would only serve to draw attention and focus to itself. Further, the only time that anyone would be able see this part of the body would be if A) you're wearing a shirt small enough to reveal it or B) you're in a bathing suit. Both of these scenarios are already PEAK times where members of the opposite sex will be checking out said person. Any accessorizing to exposed parts will only prolong staring and provide them with a just cause to do so; "...wha...OH! No. Sorry. I just saw your piercing. It's cool....>_>...that's it. I wasn't checking you out..." Hence, it'll just be attracting unwanted attention. It'll only become unwanted if the noticing party is not highly attractive. All in all, it's not a bad piercing--but one should recognize the connotations and subconcious signals that said piercing will send out. Promiscuity in this sense, isn't such a bad thing if you're looking to attract guys. They just may not be attracted for all the right reasons.

3) Nose piercing- the good ol' nick on the nostril. I know quite a few people who have this piercing, so I best watch my words. =X In my opinion, I think this makes a bolder statement than the second in the ear, along with it being a better statement than the bellybutton ring(not that it's bad), I'm speaking relatively and in respect to the demographic of guys you may interest. It's a bold statement because you're putting something smack dab in the middle of the face, so it's not concealable. Your decision to pierce your nose is a stern one. (WARNING: According to the lovely Ms. Tara Wilson, a nose piercing never fully heals.) Unlike the bellybutton, this one is also a lot less wanton. I believe it still maintains its uniqueness which the second ear hole hasn't. So my advice would be to jump on the bandwagon now, before it becomes more mainstream. I think that it's cute depending on the girl...(JAYKAY <3 you Katie). But make sure it's nothing too ornate. A simple stud of sorts is best. Most girls can pull it off, which is another benefit.

In short(get it? cause it's a long post), go for the nose ring. It's simple, cute, and still retains a sense of classiness. I don't mind the bellybutton piercings but they're not my favorite. And to be honest, these extra holes in your ear don't make a difference. I wouldn't notice, they don't do anything for you or me(in my opinion). More of a neutral action.

I play...JUDGMENT DRAGON!!!!!!11111

Enough of piercings, I'm starting to feel my metro levels increasing...ugh....


Err...I mean, my metrocard levels...


Night, folks.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Like that frenchy title? Betcha' did. Well, this is my first post. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be touching upon in this or any other writing I do on this site, hence the title in french, "Why?". I'm kind of hoping that perhaps one day I'll be gifted with this brilliant theme or goal to which I'll orient this blog. However, for the time being-I'll just talk.

Let's talk about me. For starters, as you can see I have a thing for alliteration. On the other hand, I don't care much for assonance(partially because I never remember exactly how it works).  I don't mind writing as long as I have a say over what topic. Guess who decides what I write about on this? Not me.


Jaykay. I get to pick. It's my blog, fool. But yeah.

NEWSFLASH: I just learned that if I accidentally have a hand spasm and delete a plethora of stuff I spent a long time typing out, Ctrl+Z works! Hip hip hooray...nah screw dat. Das' gay.

Sidenote: I don't mean "gay" in an offensive to homosexuals context--I mean "gay" in an offensive to heterosexuals context.

What else to talk about, what else to talk about...

So I live on campus. Currently a freshman. And the building I live in is primarily reserved for international students, athletes, and other people who require break housing. I kind of just lucked in here when I applied for housing. I say "lucked" because our hall is considered one of the nicest on campus. It's right next to a dining hall(NOM NOM NOM) and within close proximity of the other important buildings. Now this last week or so, my roommate and I me and my roommate(the conventional rules of grammar and writing don't apply here, folks) had to figure out if we wanted to stay in this building next fall and if so, what we had to do to make sure we got it. Now I started to elaborate on what happened regarding our future housing situation. But I wasn't feelin' it. I scrapped it. But yeah. We're in here but two floors up and three roommates more. And did I mention a smaller common room? Eh. We'll manage. know what else sucks? When you're outside in the cold without gloves and your fingertips start to sting. Mine still do and I've been inside for the past hour.

Anyways, I'm going to try and think of something less mundane and more thought-provoking(doubt it) for my next posting. If you have any suggestions, post away. Chances are you won't because I don't plan on revealing this publicly to my friends yet. I'll still appreciate myself for asking though when I re-read this in all its posted glory.

I'm also trying to think of something epic that would be signature in every post. Some traditions of sorts. I guess I'll just sit on that one...or just consider it because the concept of sitting on an idea is physically impossible.

I now bid you goodnight.

PS- I italicized friends because I was referring to FB friends. Then again, I'd like to think I'm pretty comfortable with the people that I add/add me. So perhaps I should only italicize part of it. like the 's.' My friends. Yup. There ya' go.