Monday, June 7, 2010

The College Effect- A Social Phenomenon.

Here's your song, Hey London by Chiddy Bang. Get at him.

College, what fun. I am only a few weeks into my summer after my freshman year of college and boy does the world look different...

...nah. It's not that different, I take that back.

So yeah, college. 

It's pretty much the first time in our lives where we make some serious decisions for ourselves. Well, maybe some of us have those overbearing parents that feel they should dictate every facet of your life. If that's you, I sincerely apologize on their behalf because that totally BLOWS. For the rest of us though, there are still a lot of choices we are faced with: go away to school or stay home, what major, extracurricular activities, Greek life, sports, schedules, jobs, etc. The list goes on.

And the ramifications of these choices are even more far-reaching. But I digress, let me make my way back to what I wanted to talk about. I've come to the realization that regardless of whether you go away to school or commute--your social life changes.

Let me rewind really quick, towards the end of the semester a lot of people had mixed feelings on going home. There were the kids who couldn't wait to go home whether it be for the free food, lack of schoolwork, free time, or implicit sleep. Then there were the kids who wanted it to go on because they either hate their home life (maybe they get locked in their attic or something sad like that) or dreaded the free time they were provided with and felt unproductive. And maybe, just maybe, they will miss the constant contact with their peers and friends.

I saw myself in the former group. I relished free time, sleeping 12 hours a night(minimum), too much food, and most of all, hanging out with my favorite people who I haven't seen since winter break/last summer. The way I saw it, I'd pick up where last summer left off. August 2009 concluded on a "To Be Continued..."-type situation. However, more and more as I'm home, I'm realizing that although the majority of those aforementioned benefits of being home, this summer isn't as reminiscient as last summer--THE SUMMER OF MY SENIOR YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL. Maybe it's the lack of prom and after-prom. Maybe the underlying tension of knowing we'd part for college drove everyone together. But whatever it was, it has seem to escaped me.

I wonder whether it's necessarily a phenomenon as the title states, but I'd imagine that I'm not the only one. I feel like nowadays, there's a contagious sentiment of being unsociable. Again, I do realize that all my friends may have decided that I'm a lame and chosen to shun me, but I don't think that all my different groups of friends could be that coordinated. I don't know why, but no one I used to hang out with, wants to hang out anymore. I feel like the circles I used to frequent, have modified and truncated the groups. I am trying to postulate the reasoning behind this because I'd like to think I make an effort to reach out to my friends and keep in touch. But mayhaps I've been deemed an extraneous friend. Who knows.

I don't think I'm any less fun. So if someone knows what the problem is, please tell me. I don't think I'm unfixable if it is me. Haha. Seriously though, try and make an effort people. It's a matter of sending out a simple text message. I feel like this negligence will only contribute to further social separation between us, which would be a shame. Regardless of what anyone says, I value my friendship with almost a few people...nah. I kid. Or in the words of Tadros, I'm "jaking." But yeah.

I'm tired of having to hunt people down to do things. I'd like to think that the summer of '09 was probably the best summer. Let's top that. I'm sure you'd enjoy it too. Otherwise, I guarantee you'll regret missing out. Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow but eventually.

I hate to say it, but I'm starting to feel closer related to the group who wants to be in school. I don't want the bane of my existence to be solely at Binghamyon, but I'm running out of options.

I wasn't sure what note I was going to end this on, but I am opting to shine the spotlight on my friend Rilwan and a video that came up when I signed into Youtube. Enjoy!

Where's My Chapstick?

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