Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sophmore year of college has commenced. I've been pretty overwhelmed this summer with mad stuffs. The one upside, I started a Tumblr. Sorry Blogger, I'm not cheating per se--merely suggesting we see what all is out there!

Either way, let's not be petty. I'm back and hoping for a more fruitful semester of blogging. As things are, this year is shaping up to be pretty BALLIN'.  Classes are a'ight, got all my brothers and friends at school now, sweet suite, and my car is on campus.

Although, I will say that this past weekend was quite an adventure...but you can ask me about that one in person. Either way, I plan on joining a gym that offers MMA classes, complimentary. Yet, another plus. Now I just have to figure out my major, and we'll call it a truly monumental year.

Seeing as this was merely, a re-introduction and an unveiling of my Tumblr(which I'll try and co-manage as well), I'll leave it at this.

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