Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Second Thought...

So I'm sitting here...have been sitting here...

Tonight's soundtrack: Dirty Cartoons by Menomena, a band I've followed as best as I could. I love the way the emotions in this song shift with the tempo and the subtle bass.

I had originally intended on writing a post on a band/artist I'd been enjoying as of late. Because, I'm always getting and playing new[new to my library, that is] music. I will say though, these last few weeks have been slow. Only got ~200 songs in the last two weeks. But to my point, I think I'm going to reserve this blog, this venue, strictly for exactly what the titles says: Rants, Ramblings, and Other 'R' Words. Yes, I'm going to pretend "reviews" does not start with an 'r'. From herein, I'm going to leave music related posts and stuff to my TUMBLR. So go there, and check out my other fun stuffs.

For this though, I'm going to do what I do best--improvise.  Improvisation is an awesome skill to have. You figure out what you have to work with, and just do whatever the heck you can with that. Very handy, if you get caught in a tight spot. For example, today my group and I decided to skip over the last part of our chem lab because it only required us to "discuss," and not actually write any work. On our way out, our skeptical TA decided to "discuss" the last section to see how exactly we finished so fast. I opened up the book and stared blankly at the question, racking my brain. One of the kid's in my group, had somewhat of a grasp on it and explained it a bit, just enough, for me to jump into the conversation and add so that it seems like we knew what we meant. I also then inadvertently explained another topic, because I remembered the exact definition from another part. With a hint of suspicion in her eyes, our TA let us go. I thought we'd been nabbed. Hahaha.

That's merely one instance in which it's useful. But I need to stop digressing, like, really stop.

The future. It's an abstract concept. Does it exist? Sure, we all have plans on things we want to do in the near-future or the long-term, but are we guaranteed that opportunity to carry out and live as we desire? I think that a lot of people, myself included, take the future for granted. We have passions, wishes, hopes, and aspirations--many of which we could pursue now. But we don't. Maybe there's no time now. We have too many things we need to do. We have other obligations. Or maybe it's just something that's too difficult, we think. But...why? Let me ask you, what is something you've always wanted to do? Something you told yourself you'd do, as soon as you got the chance. Something you planned to delve into, once life created that primetime for? And what's holding you back?

I don't mean to take this post for a depressing twist, but all we can really be sure we're allotted is the present--and even that's iffy. At any moment, any number of things can happen that can damage or potentially alter your life permanently. In that case, any thing you wanted to pursue might have to be shelved, for good. Yet, we take things for granted. We schedule our hopes and dreams on that one day, that one time, when everything is perfect. Who's to say that day will ever come? Not that it can't, but why wait? Go out there. Do what you want to do[legally, I hope] and live the life you've always wanted. In car collisions alone(and almost all of us have/will be in a car on a daily basis), 1,200,000 people died in one year. I would bet my life that they all had plans that they never got to flesh out. If you knew, when you went to sleep tonight, you wouldn't wake up, would you be happy? Would you be content with everything thus far? Or would you plead and beg for more time, an extension of your deadline so that you can fulfill those few things on your bucketlist, if you will?

I'm a big advocate of living everyday like it's your last. I don't always stick to it, but I try. I'd hate to think the last few hours of my life were spent stressing over a test, arguing with someone close to me over something menial, or just doing something I don't care for. Plus, even if you live to be 1,000 years old, not everyone around you will. And I can't think of anything worse than your final farewell ending on a bad note. No one wants to live with that haunting regret. So try and not be a jerk to people you typically might. Unless you've gained the ability of foresight(if you did, contact me, cause I would like to take advantage of this), none of us can say for certain where life can take us and who life will take. So don't waste your time.

Get out there. Be happy. Live without regrets, even the bad experiences have something to offer us. Do whatever you never had the balls for.

Lastly, instead of being a product of life--make life a product of you.

Feels good to be back. =]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stressed Due to a Lack of Stress...

I know I say this a lot, but you would NOT believe the amount of times I'll make little notes to myself about things I want to complain about, talk about, discuss, or just vent on.

I want to try and do a weekly music review of some sort, because of the fact I get and listen to so much and such diverse music. But when?! When can I do this?

Up until now, I've never really had any set schedule to this, but perhaps I'll schedule time to write. It'll be a reminder. Maybe that's what I need to do to really keep regular with my posts. I'll write it in right now, as I type this.

Other than that, school is sucky. The classes I enjoy, I really enjoy. And the ones I'm not as enthused about, well--I'm not enthused. What can I do to get more motivated? How can I acquire a drive to start accomplishing things? To plan ahead and be more ambitious than I am now? I need the answer to this. So, please share.

I have plans for my future, kinda sort of, for once. Now I need to get my crap together so I have a means of achieving that. Maybe I'll meet with an advisor? I need someone to manage my time for me. Haha. This blows.

Oh well. My goal tonight is to write on wednesday. Try and hold me to it.

See you then. I just wanted to get this off my chest and show you all[all, hah] I'm still alive.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twenty Fours? That's It?!

I'm so tired right now. I need to sleep. I want to do some homework. I want to write more on this blog. I want to workout. I want to watch my shows. Oh, and I want have some leisure time.

But no. I'm restricted to a measly 24 hours. What am I supposed to accomplish within that? Everyday is a struggle to get my assignments done last minute before class the next day. I then repeat this every friggin' weekday just to make it to the weekend. Then my weekend is swamped by non-school activities and other chores I have no time for during the week. I aim to catch up on the weekend, but no, that's not allowed. Cause then I'd potentially be more relaxed the next week--which is against the rules of college.

Ugh. Looking for some respite in this sick cycle carousel. =/

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Only Thing Worse Than The Jersey Shore... people protesting the Jersey Shore @ 9pm outside my building. <_<

So in response to my school hiring Snooki to come judge an abs contest, provide a fist pump tutorial, and offer "behind the scenes info" about the show (ZOMG!!1!)--a group of twenty to thirty students gathered at the bus stop across the street from me to protest her being invited as a guest/performer(?) and the cost of $16,000 it tolled.

Now, I get it. Everyone and their mom watches the show for whatever the reason: amusement at the retardation levels, the ridiculousness of it, or just the meme-generating-one-liners. So naturally, it's cool to be "anti popular." I don't personally find the show worthwhile, but I will admit it has entertainment value as far as reality TV. In other words, I don't care for it, but I can see why others do. But yeah, so I'm sure some of these dumb kids are so overzealous on their nonconformist high, and thought: "SNOOKI IS COMING?  Let's get all 3.5 of my friends and protest her arrival. Why? BECAUSE WE SURE AS HELL CAN!"

Wait, hang on, why would they wait to stage a protest and try to raise awareness at friggin' NINE O'CLOCK?! By that point, classes are done and anyone who would even be vaguely interested (1 guy) in joining would've left campus and went back to their room to cry about being lonely. Is it really worth protesting, guys? Is it reaaaaaally? Especially when whatever they were chanting didn't pique my interest as much as close my windows and turn my music up. Seriously. They were not even chanting in unison or in any comprehensible fashion. I don't know. Seems like a plan that failed from the start. Either way, this was a retarded idea.

Sure, let's humor the chance they cared about the fact she was paid a few thousands. We have 12,000 full time students or so. The cost for her divided among us is like, what? Less than $2. Think of all the stupid crap you spend $2 on. The junk food you're eating ain't helping you anymore than Snooki, fat boy. You probably lost more than that when drunk last weekend(if you go out). So is it worth the time and effort to protest on campus at off-peak hours, over miniscule losses to you, and in a poorly organized fashion? Was it? Feel good about yourself?

I mean, just don't go. It's $10 a ticket. We all have to pay a flat rate towards SA events. Do you go to EVERY pal? Are you going to protest every guest you don't see? Don't look like an idiot. Play XBOX or something next time. Or why don't you join an intramural team? What? Not into sports(aka not athletic)? Well, go protest the mandatory intramural fee you pay while you're at it too. about a bunch of clowns...