Sunday, December 26, 2010

RIP Blogspot?

I'm thinking of just retiring this blog.

I have my Tumblr. I liked having a medium for solely textual posts, but I do favor my Tumblr more.

So here goes a temporary hiatus on this guy.

Rest in peace.

Feels Like A Less Jack Nicholson-y Shining.

So yesterday was Christmas. Let's give Christmas a round of applause. Yeah. Good holiday.

But now it's the day after Christmas. And today was the day, NYC and the surrounding areas was hit with a blizzard. I woke up to a sea of white trapping everyone in my uncle's house. It's been said that the snow would get as high as two feet. Which is a lot. And the blizzard warning is in effect until 6pm tomorrow supposedly.

So I've kind of just been in the house all day. To be honest, I probably would've stayed inside all day anyways. But this massive snowfall gives it an eerie feel to it. There are a bunch of other people around the house too, but for the most parts, the house is generally un-lit. So it's been feeling like night for a while. And it's hard to see outside the windows.

I suppose I feel trapped.

Not that I had some grandiose plans that have been interrupted.  But nonetheless, I'm stranded. I can't really drive in these conditions. And I'm stuck(not necessarily in a bad way) with the same group of people. Everyone seems to be wandering around looking for something to do, in these dark hallways. I'm just sitting in one of the bedrooms while my cousin Ryan is on another bed in here, on his laptop. Oh! We also just watched the new reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street. Jackie Earle Haley is pretty cool guy. He plays Freddy Kreuger. But he's also played Rorshach in Watchmen and the sketchy, but awesomw Guerrero in Fox's show, Human Target. Not a bad movie. But I was also on AIM the whole time. So don't take my word for it.

Back to this doomed, trapped feeling...

...well, yeah. I feel trapped. Maybe I'll go outside into the snow. But I have no boots with me. And I hate the cold. And getting wet, sans the shower. Which leads me to believe I shouldn't go outside.

Yeah, driving conditions must suck. I wonder how many car accidents there have been because of it. It'd suck to have died the day after christmas. Atleast I still my laptop. I can escape via the internet. More than there being a lot of snow. It's so gloomy and dark. It makes today seem like some dark and foreboding time.

And I have a cold. I hate getting sick. It rarely ever happens. But since I don't have my own room here and we're all trapped, the chances of getting sick is higher with the forced contact. People get sicker in winter, not because of the cold temperatures directly. But because the cold outside, forces us to stay indoors and in closer physical contact. Making it easier to spread sickness.


I guess that's all I have to offer you right now, if you considered that, anything at all.

Sidenote: I want to make the time investment into Krav Maga again.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Apparently It's Christmas Eve...

...and I had no idea it'd be here this quick.

I can't be the only one who feels like this "holiday season" totally snuck up on me. School finished not even a week ago. And since I had school straight from September, sans Thanksgiving break, I feel like I came home looking for a break, only to be thrust into the chaos of CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.

Seriously, for a holiday meant to exude merriness, cheer, generousity, kindness, and so on, so forth--I hate people more than ever. Ok, not hate per se. But they do frustrate me much more, than usual. I'll admit, I can get annoyed while driving at those around me, for incompetent driving manuevers and poor driving etiquette, but for the most part, I am pretty laidback and patient with even the most moronic folks. Really though? C'mon, this is a little much.

Accounting for the moral of the season and the overarching themes that are publicized, I find that people tend to be more temperamental, impatient, rude, and just overall mean. This holiday season has people at each other's throats maybe because they're on the clock and under pressure to get the "perfect gifts." But this unneccesary emphasis on getting the "perfect gifts," has people showing their worst sides. I mean, I understand. We all have people in our lives we care about and want to impress with our thought and consideration via the presentation of a physical manifestation of our other words, a present. To what end though?

I mean, some of my griefs are inevitable. Considering where I live is already congested like hell, this shopping hysteria has the roads filled to max capacity, sometimes full for multiple blocks, making a typical 10 minute drive...into a half hour. Ok, traffic sucks. I get it. I'll deal for these next few days. But not only am I wasting more gas and more time than usual, but the quality of drivers is at an all-time low. I suppose that with the overall number of drivers increasing, we might assume that proportionally, the percentage of horrible drivers would also go up. People are cutting people off like it's their job, no one remembers what a signal is for, traffic laws go out the window, and no one wants to let anyone go. Because we are our own priority. We are what matters because we are in a hurry. Worse, the mall parking lot is so congested that cars roam like vultures and fight aggressively for a stupid spot closer to the entrance, lest they walk. God forbid they get some exercise. I know in one instance, two cars got into an accident over a spot. I wonder if it was worth it then.

I know that, personally, I had to slam hard on my brakes because some dumb girl was in such a rush, she neglects to look at whether the cars with a green light are going. Cause, why would cars with a green be driving? Nah, she was a bright one to run across the street like she was a damn frog with respawns. Luckily, my years of video gaming have honed my periphs and reflexes. Otherwise, she wouldn't have made it across the street to...WALGREENS? What a crappy place to die for. What're you doing? Getting someone a gift from there? Some cough syrup maybe? Or store brand snacks? I know I wouldn't want to leave this life getting hit by a car while running to a drug store.

I don't know. I wonder about people sometimes. It's upsetting that everyone is so trapped and entwined in their daily happenings and their lives that they neglect to look at the larger picture and the irrational decisions/actions they make or take. Isn't this the time of year where we try a little harder to reach out to others? To strangers? Maybe do something nice with no regard for whether that deed will be returned. What does it say about your character if you only care to look out for and benefit those, who are likely and clearly able to reciprocate? Why buy gifts for people, hoping that they will get you a gift in return? Just save your damn money, get it for yourself, and stop putting up this silly facade of genuinely caring.

I guess this time of a year, really expresses what your priorities are and what kind of person you want to be regarded as.

As we struggle with shopping lists and invitations, compounded by December's bad weather, it is good to be reminded that there are people in our lives who are worth this aggravation, and people to whom we are worth the same. - Donald E. Westlake

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Synopsis of the Mind.

Menomena- Oahu

So, what did I come here with the intention of writing? Good question, but a trick question...don't mind me. I'm borderline delirious from the mass amounts of music history I've been absorbing (all thanks to an awesome and terribly persistent girlfriend).

But yeah. I think more than seeking to express some grandeur thought, I was hoping to find some solace in the act of writing itself.   I don't know what it is that I find soothing/relaxing. I suppose just being able to empty my thoughts and emotions onto this electronic paper, allows me to rest with nothing consuming my mind.

I literally just spent...fifteen minutes, typing a whole paragraph or so, only to erase it on the basis that it served no purpose. Oh well...

So this semester went by, extremely fast. I feel like my classes hadn't even gotten into full swing yet. And BAM. Semester, complete. Half of my sophmore year in college is done, and I still feel like I have no clue what this college business entails.

I guess I can recount what has been accomplished these past few months:

  • Got very familiar with my car, once driving 700 miles in one weekend.
  • Familiar with drive between home and school; 3 hour car trips ain't got nothin' on me.
  • Declared my major as: American PPL[Political Science, Philosophy, and Law].
  • First semester as a full fledged brother within my fraternity.
  • Passed the 9000 song mark on iTunes.
  • Found an amazingly awesome, and awesome-ly amazing girlfriend who I'm crazy about. <3
  • Had a semi-successful "DREAMTEAM Weekend," with my awesome friends. Part two is soon to be announced...
  • Committed blogger to Tumblr, and part-time with Blogspot(which is linked to my Tumblr).
  • Officially done with math/science classes, forever
That's all I can recall, in my semi-aware state of consciousness at this moment. I'm sure there's more, but all in all, based on just the aforementioned bullets, I'd say it was a pretty good semester.

It's scary to think how fast time has been flying though. I'd hate for me to miss out on the times I should be savoring, only to realize I'm a middle-aged dude working full-time left with the remnants of memories from my younger years. I don't think this semester was as eventful as it could be, but I'm hoping to kick things up a notch come 2011. 

Speaking of which, switching to using the new year is always so annoying. Gah. Whatever, I guess that it's a fact of life. Atleast next semester I'm somewhat excited for my course load. I think it'll be enjoyable, or at the bare minimum, interesting:
  1. Arabic 102
  2. Criminal Procedure
  3. The Literature of War
  4. Political Islam
Yup. So I guess we'll see come May how that goes. Currently, I'm looking to find a job for over Winter Break. I'd like to have some steady income. If only, to put gas in my car. 

Alright. I'm done telling you about my life. Go away. Ahaha.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't let anyone make you second guess yourself. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't make a decision without thinking it through completely/believing it was the right thing.As long as you're happy, they will be too eventually. As soon as they get over themselves

I'm really starting to wish I knew who these anonymous nice comments were from! But I'm glad you had such a well thought out comment and it appears you actually know me a little better than these other people...yes. The angry commenters. Either way, thanks for the encouragement! =]]]

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You are such a generous, caring guy. These people are assholes, looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Don't worry about them. You deserve the best. :)

Wow. I'm really glad that in spite of the comments hating on me, more people have come and spoken out against them, on my behalf. I'm not even sure if I deserve the compliments being given, but I'm grateful that some people are good friends who care.

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Holy Crap Mike! I cannot believe how many people care about your dating history. I guess their own lives are not interesting enough. Don't you wish your formspring was idiot proof? Then you could answer the relevant questions. -Wyoma

This is why I love you, Wyo. Clearly, we're not the only ones who thinks these people are a little invested.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

fuck the haters. saints all day


Yitbos, my brother.

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Can you please let these lifeless lames that are coming at your neck know that I won't hesitate to come up there with the wal-mart security guards and the 7-11 crew to kick some ass...I'm just sayin...

Ahahahahaha. Possibly one of THEE best reactions. Man, I'm starting to be grateful for the hate--only to because of people like you.

Ask me anything

Wooooooooow people needa get lives dude. Too concerned with all your shit that aint their business. Nice responses though lol

I love the people who comment on the other comments. You guys make my day--well, part of it. Haha. But thanks, I am proud of my answers.

Ask me anything

Honestly, if you were with the right girl before, you would not have let her go. What bothers me the most is that you're a heartbreaker and you don't seem to care about anyone but yourself. I hope your new girlfriend knows what she's getting into.

In this case, based on your statement: "Honestly, if you were with the right girl before, you would not have let her go," then obviously she was NOT the right girl. You are the one making this assertion which would then imply, that me not being with her, would mean I wasn't with the right girl before. But more than that, you clearly don't know me and aren't fully informed on all that went on, so your ability to properly judge as a stranger, is not very qualified.

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mike kumar is the biggest sweetheart do these people know you???

Haha. Thanks, whoever this is. I appreciate your kindness and your willingness to stand up for me. And I'm going to assume, no, they don't know me.

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Honestly, if you were with the right girl before, you would not have let her go. What bothers me the most is that you're a heartbreaker and you don't seem to care about anyone but yourself. I hope your new girlfriend knows what she's getting into.

In this case, based on your statement: "Honestly, if you were with the right girl before, you would not have let her go," then obviously she was NOT the right girl. You are the one making this assertion which would then imply, that me not being with her, would mean I wasn't with the right girl before. But more than that, you clearly don't know me and aren't fully informed on all that went on, so you ability to properly judge as a stranger, is not very qualified.

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Some obscure family member you never knew has died and left you with a million dollars. What do you do with it?

Probably put the majority of it away into investments, then I would pay for any debts/costs that I've incurred. Once I start making enough revenue, I'd build the most ballin' house with secret rooms....yeah. But keep raking more in.

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Ahahaha. You can't sleep? I have trouble going to sleep anytime before 1-2am. And that would be early. But if you want some company when you are having trouble sleeping--I'm up pretty late.

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u jakass. u had the rite girl and never took her seriously.

I really, really hope you're attempting to make your spelling that horrible in an attempt to disguise your identity.

Secondly, it's over. But apparently you can't wrap your head around that? And if I "never took her seriously," couldn't you argue that it's better off this way so that she could find the right guy? Rather, you're suggesting I remain in a relationship with her, even if it's not in HER best interest--but mine.

You're retarded. Sorry. Go to sleep.

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Fuck da h@ta$~

Hahaha. <3 you.

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you have not learned anything from your past relationships because you are still as immature and you make the same horrible mistakes that will come back and screw you over.

Ok, so out of the 3-4 posts I got that are either from the same person/group, this was the one I saved for last. As said in my other response, I'm going to go ahead and abstain from responding to further posts/questions with no underlying foundation. Because, at the heart of it, you're just being a pathetic, annoying, and sad person whose life is surely to reflect this. Maybe not now, but eventually. I find it disappointing that you feel the need to make claims with nothing to back it up. And I'm going to go ahead and assert I'm fairly sure who is responsible/involved. But what I find confusing, is that, you require formspring to state you opinions. What this tells me is, that you're probably fake/two-faced with your friends. Why? Well, if you must hide in the anonymity to speak your mind and try to provide the illusion that we're still friends in every other capacity, you're clearly lacking some balls. I mean, there's no way around it--if you want to have a serious conversation or atleast own up to your words, you could post publicly and not post anonymously. But to maintain the facade that we are friends in some other respect, because you clearly haven't offended me publicly or revealed who you are, is what I find shameful. I wish you the best and hope that one day you realize the err of YOUR ways. Sorry to let you down, but I hope that you take something away from this.

Ask me anything

I'm not sure what provoked such affection/admiration, so I'm inclined to assume this isn't serious--but if you are, I'm flattered. I'm a pretty friendly guy, so feel free to talk to/text me. Please read this and NOT think you are a tool.

I'm really at a loss for what you're seeking to accomplish? Am I supposed to be emotionally torn because a random person thinks I'm a tool...cause I'm really not. But while we're on the subject, I think you're a tool too. And my reasoning? For bothering with even posting this.

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You're right. I'm dumb. What was I thinking?

Oh, and I was being sarcastic, in case you didn't pick up on that.

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yea i saw your whole retaliation post about relationships and you're still huge tool. you are a very pretentious person who thinks they know a great deal about everything, while in reality I'm not sure you quite know anything at all.

Alright, awesome. Thanks for the input.

But on a more serious note, you fail to provide any justification. You're entitled to your opinions, and I'm entitled to not caring. If you have anything to say that isn't just subjective mindless epiphanies you have, you know where to find me. But if you just waste words and time, then I'm going to go ahead and ignore you.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

On That Note...

I was doing some thinking, partially because of a certain formspring post-
"You are the last person on earth I would ever want relationship advice from. Your relationship track record is pitiful and that blog post was a complete JOKE."
Also because I feel like this needs to be addressed in general because maybe it wasn't completely clear in my last post:

I never claimed to be perfect or all-knowing when it comes to relationships. Not in any way, shape, or form. I mean, let's be honest, who is?

But I don't think it's contestable that along the way, I've observed or picked on somethings. Whether these were things I got from just thinking, or whether my SO fell short, or I fell short--it doesn't make the advice/suggestions any less true. Therefore, whether I'm credible or not, if the advice is pretty standard and generally agreeable to almost everyone, I don't see the issue.

I can be an awesome sports column writer, but that doesn't imply that I'm the next All-Star player in whatever sport. [And no, I'm not saying I'm an awesome writer, just making a point.] Further, that whole argument is based on the fact that I'm absolutely horrible at relationships, which I don't think is entirely true. I admit that I'm flawed, but I do believe I put a lot of effort into my relationships, which is evident in their longetivity and seriousness. So I find that to be a moot point.

And along those lines, I believe that not every relationship is the be all, end all. I think relationships serve their purposes in your life, to help you grow, learn about yourself, and how you are with others. You also get to learn what matters to you and what you can let go.  That's why I'm not of opinion that you can fall in love only once. I don't think anyone has the ability to judge someone else's emotions/affection, so all you can do is evaluate yourself.

Thinking back, I don't know if I completely regret any relationship, even the really bad ones. I did take something away from them all and it helped shape me into who I am today. In addition to that, I am glad that they all ended when they did, because I think it was all for the best, even if I didn't want to accept it as such at the time.

TL;DR- I don't claim to be the best boyfriend[though I don't think I'm the worst] but I do claim to know a thing or three about relationships and will continue to write as I see fit.

Got a problem?


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So I Noticed That "Relationship" Is An 'R' Word..

I was originally going to just write about the Semesterly Slump that occurs near the end of the semester, after which you lack all motivation[if you were even motivated before it] and you just vegitate until school concludes. But no.

I realized that, out of all my posts so far, I don't believe I've touched upon relationships. And that was surprising, because that's something that I've had many a discussions on and many ideas about. Relationships are something I think I'm...qualified to talk about? Actually, I'd rather go with experienced. I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me has joked atleast once about my inability to remain single. Pretty sure bets have been made about how long I can ride solo. <_<

So yeah. And let me clarify, I'm not incapable of being single. It's not an emotional/relational deficiency I suffer from. It's preferential and coincidental. I'm sure people who are living it up single-style and going crazy are content with their arrangement and couldn't comprehend the appeal of a relationship. Likewise, as someone who has experienced fulfilling relationships and is currently involved in one[quite happily at that], I don't see why anyone wouldn't want a relationship. I mean, when you have a healthy and happy relationship where you truly feel emotionally/affectionately secure--I don't see what else could bring you down. And I say coincidental, because contrary to what most people believe, I don't actively go seeking a new girlfriend after every break-up. It just so happens that not too much time has to be spent waiting around, before an awesome, amazing, compatible, and quality girl happens to come into my life. And I don't know why I wouldn't see where things go. I mean, I'm not just settling for the next broad that walks around the corner, I believe the girls I'm referring to were very fitting for me and that's what's so odd. Oh well, I'm very hap with ths arrangement, hinthint winkwink, I'm talking about you!

But I digress, I think I'm going to only write about one aspect of relationships tonight. But seeing as I really enjoy this topic, I look forward to writing more about other facets.

To transition into what I want to focus on tonight, I'm going to look to one of the greatest minds of the century, a true relationship expert:
"Be the change that you want to see in the world."
 -Mohandas Gandhi
Ok, I lied. He's not exactly a renowned relationship expert. But he was onto something! I think there a lot of times in any relationship, where things kind of become...stagnant. And both parties involved maybe feel like everything is stale. Or maybe one person doesn't feel the other is as vocal or affectionate to them anymore. Perhaps someone feels overlooked and underappreciated. These are all common issues that I've faced, from both perspectives, and I know others have experienced. Or maybe, you're just sitting there hoping __________ will suddenly become spontaneous and exciting and re-kindle the hurricane of emotions and romance that was there at the start. Unfortunately, a lot of times the reason said person doesn't do what you expect/want isn't just an intentional act of spiting you. Many times, it's simply a result of ignorance and lack of awareness.

That's where my iconic brown man comes in! And I promise, this doesn't involve having to passively accept any physical harm in an act of civil disobedience! No, instead, you have to be that change you're looking for in your significant other. On that note, if you want your girlfriend/boyfriend to make you feel loved/special, maybe you need to do it first. The other way to approach this, would be to subtly/not-so-subtly tell them, but I think you should atleast try this method first. By doing so, you'll instill the appreciation and satisfaction that you're yearning for, in them, while being an awesome SO. And when they feel that way, I'd like to think that they'll turn around and look to reciprocate. AND THAT, is exactly what we were hoping for. I'd also like to suggest, that when they do reciprocate whatever you wanted them to, make sure to help them realize how thankful/appreciative/special you feel/how much you like it. Again, I may be making assumptions, but in my experience, most good SO's will want to repeat said event/thing for the sake of your happiness.

I also heed you not to stubbornly sit tight and anticipate the other member of your couple to figure out for themselves and act first. This is a dangerous mindset to take and is turning what's supposed to be a caring, selfless, and nurturing relationship into one that may devolved into an arduous, chore-like, and tiring relationship.

And for those of you reading this, try to think about this while you're at it, what can you do to make your SO happier? What is something you don't do enough? Say enough? What can you do differently? What is something, as small or silly as it may be, that you know will be appreciated? It can be something as miniscule as telling them how you admire/enjoy a certain characteristic about them without provocation. Enjoy. I hope this wasn't too all over the place.

Relationship Tip #1: As nice as holidays and birthdays are, gifts/compliments/acts of love are exponentially better without a reason. So go say something or do something nice, just cause. =D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talk About Being Inconsiderate...

Today, I've come to the conclusion that the majority of people in this world are so self-absorbed and self-centric that they fail to recognize how annoying/frustrating/disliked they are by those around them.

The number of times I've wanted to just punch someone in the face today, surpasses the number of times I probably wanted to this past month.

REALLY, PEOPLE? Yeah, it's totally fine if you go through the single door and stand in the middle of it blocking the entire path as you have a conversation as meaningless as your current life. OH, and by the way--you're fat. Maybe if you didn't roll yourself to class, I could shimmy by you. <_<

No, but it didn't end there. Is it that difficult to hold a door open for someone else nowadays? I mean, you waiting for...what? Ten seconds AT most, would probably save someone else a minute. Where do you have to go in such a rush? ...actually. I take that back. I do not believe--I know your life isn't that important. Alright, fine. Maybe 1 out of every 100 people actually have something legitimate they're hurrying off too. The rest of you are just selfish. It's just polite and courteous to linger for that extra second or two. I DO IT FOR YOU, for goodness sakes.

I have some demands I'd like to make. Yes, demands.

  1. Open your eyes and look around. Start being aware of the fact that other people exist around you, so stop friggin' taking up the whole hallway because you were a few chromosomes short and don't know how to walk,
  2. Hold doors. Hold it for people coming inside. Hold them for people behind you to atleast get to it. Hold it if you see someone holding stuff. I'm sure they're not looking forward to trying to use their feet to open the door. Hold the door if you see someone that appears to be also going through the door after you, you won't die for waiting. 
  3. And among these, please use words like "please, thank you, and excuse me." Thank you. It just makes you a bit classier, and trust me--that bit will mean the world of the difference. 
  4. Just be considerate. Don't talk about things that no one wants to know or should know about, other than you. Yes, this includes talking about yourself.
  5. Listen to people. Instead of waiting for your turn. Try going a conversation without talking if you're not prompted.
  6. Clean up after yourself. No, I'm not your mom. I'm not going to ground you. Instead, I'm going to be pissed and clean it up myself because I actually have some dignity and don't want to give off the impression that I piss and defecate where I live, work, stay, and sleep. I get it, you were busy. What about the fact that it's been two weeks? Stop being so lazy. Holy crap. 
I know I seem angry. I'm actually a nice guy. But people need to step back for a second and think about this.

And no, I won't even start to get into driving habits I hate.

G'night and stop pissing me off. <3

Love you...well, most of you...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Second Thought...

So I'm sitting here...have been sitting here...

Tonight's soundtrack: Dirty Cartoons by Menomena, a band I've followed as best as I could. I love the way the emotions in this song shift with the tempo and the subtle bass.

I had originally intended on writing a post on a band/artist I'd been enjoying as of late. Because, I'm always getting and playing new[new to my library, that is] music. I will say though, these last few weeks have been slow. Only got ~200 songs in the last two weeks. But to my point, I think I'm going to reserve this blog, this venue, strictly for exactly what the titles says: Rants, Ramblings, and Other 'R' Words. Yes, I'm going to pretend "reviews" does not start with an 'r'. From herein, I'm going to leave music related posts and stuff to my TUMBLR. So go there, and check out my other fun stuffs.

For this though, I'm going to do what I do best--improvise.  Improvisation is an awesome skill to have. You figure out what you have to work with, and just do whatever the heck you can with that. Very handy, if you get caught in a tight spot. For example, today my group and I decided to skip over the last part of our chem lab because it only required us to "discuss," and not actually write any work. On our way out, our skeptical TA decided to "discuss" the last section to see how exactly we finished so fast. I opened up the book and stared blankly at the question, racking my brain. One of the kid's in my group, had somewhat of a grasp on it and explained it a bit, just enough, for me to jump into the conversation and add so that it seems like we knew what we meant. I also then inadvertently explained another topic, because I remembered the exact definition from another part. With a hint of suspicion in her eyes, our TA let us go. I thought we'd been nabbed. Hahaha.

That's merely one instance in which it's useful. But I need to stop digressing, like, really stop.

The future. It's an abstract concept. Does it exist? Sure, we all have plans on things we want to do in the near-future or the long-term, but are we guaranteed that opportunity to carry out and live as we desire? I think that a lot of people, myself included, take the future for granted. We have passions, wishes, hopes, and aspirations--many of which we could pursue now. But we don't. Maybe there's no time now. We have too many things we need to do. We have other obligations. Or maybe it's just something that's too difficult, we think. But...why? Let me ask you, what is something you've always wanted to do? Something you told yourself you'd do, as soon as you got the chance. Something you planned to delve into, once life created that primetime for? And what's holding you back?

I don't mean to take this post for a depressing twist, but all we can really be sure we're allotted is the present--and even that's iffy. At any moment, any number of things can happen that can damage or potentially alter your life permanently. In that case, any thing you wanted to pursue might have to be shelved, for good. Yet, we take things for granted. We schedule our hopes and dreams on that one day, that one time, when everything is perfect. Who's to say that day will ever come? Not that it can't, but why wait? Go out there. Do what you want to do[legally, I hope] and live the life you've always wanted. In car collisions alone(and almost all of us have/will be in a car on a daily basis), 1,200,000 people died in one year. I would bet my life that they all had plans that they never got to flesh out. If you knew, when you went to sleep tonight, you wouldn't wake up, would you be happy? Would you be content with everything thus far? Or would you plead and beg for more time, an extension of your deadline so that you can fulfill those few things on your bucketlist, if you will?

I'm a big advocate of living everyday like it's your last. I don't always stick to it, but I try. I'd hate to think the last few hours of my life were spent stressing over a test, arguing with someone close to me over something menial, or just doing something I don't care for. Plus, even if you live to be 1,000 years old, not everyone around you will. And I can't think of anything worse than your final farewell ending on a bad note. No one wants to live with that haunting regret. So try and not be a jerk to people you typically might. Unless you've gained the ability of foresight(if you did, contact me, cause I would like to take advantage of this), none of us can say for certain where life can take us and who life will take. So don't waste your time.

Get out there. Be happy. Live without regrets, even the bad experiences have something to offer us. Do whatever you never had the balls for.

Lastly, instead of being a product of life--make life a product of you.

Feels good to be back. =]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stressed Due to a Lack of Stress...

I know I say this a lot, but you would NOT believe the amount of times I'll make little notes to myself about things I want to complain about, talk about, discuss, or just vent on.

I want to try and do a weekly music review of some sort, because of the fact I get and listen to so much and such diverse music. But when?! When can I do this?

Up until now, I've never really had any set schedule to this, but perhaps I'll schedule time to write. It'll be a reminder. Maybe that's what I need to do to really keep regular with my posts. I'll write it in right now, as I type this.

Other than that, school is sucky. The classes I enjoy, I really enjoy. And the ones I'm not as enthused about, well--I'm not enthused. What can I do to get more motivated? How can I acquire a drive to start accomplishing things? To plan ahead and be more ambitious than I am now? I need the answer to this. So, please share.

I have plans for my future, kinda sort of, for once. Now I need to get my crap together so I have a means of achieving that. Maybe I'll meet with an advisor? I need someone to manage my time for me. Haha. This blows.

Oh well. My goal tonight is to write on wednesday. Try and hold me to it.

See you then. I just wanted to get this off my chest and show you all[all, hah] I'm still alive.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twenty Fours? That's It?!

I'm so tired right now. I need to sleep. I want to do some homework. I want to write more on this blog. I want to workout. I want to watch my shows. Oh, and I want have some leisure time.

But no. I'm restricted to a measly 24 hours. What am I supposed to accomplish within that? Everyday is a struggle to get my assignments done last minute before class the next day. I then repeat this every friggin' weekday just to make it to the weekend. Then my weekend is swamped by non-school activities and other chores I have no time for during the week. I aim to catch up on the weekend, but no, that's not allowed. Cause then I'd potentially be more relaxed the next week--which is against the rules of college.

Ugh. Looking for some respite in this sick cycle carousel. =/

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Only Thing Worse Than The Jersey Shore... people protesting the Jersey Shore @ 9pm outside my building. <_<

So in response to my school hiring Snooki to come judge an abs contest, provide a fist pump tutorial, and offer "behind the scenes info" about the show (ZOMG!!1!)--a group of twenty to thirty students gathered at the bus stop across the street from me to protest her being invited as a guest/performer(?) and the cost of $16,000 it tolled.

Now, I get it. Everyone and their mom watches the show for whatever the reason: amusement at the retardation levels, the ridiculousness of it, or just the meme-generating-one-liners. So naturally, it's cool to be "anti popular." I don't personally find the show worthwhile, but I will admit it has entertainment value as far as reality TV. In other words, I don't care for it, but I can see why others do. But yeah, so I'm sure some of these dumb kids are so overzealous on their nonconformist high, and thought: "SNOOKI IS COMING?  Let's get all 3.5 of my friends and protest her arrival. Why? BECAUSE WE SURE AS HELL CAN!"

Wait, hang on, why would they wait to stage a protest and try to raise awareness at friggin' NINE O'CLOCK?! By that point, classes are done and anyone who would even be vaguely interested (1 guy) in joining would've left campus and went back to their room to cry about being lonely. Is it really worth protesting, guys? Is it reaaaaaally? Especially when whatever they were chanting didn't pique my interest as much as close my windows and turn my music up. Seriously. They were not even chanting in unison or in any comprehensible fashion. I don't know. Seems like a plan that failed from the start. Either way, this was a retarded idea.

Sure, let's humor the chance they cared about the fact she was paid a few thousands. We have 12,000 full time students or so. The cost for her divided among us is like, what? Less than $2. Think of all the stupid crap you spend $2 on. The junk food you're eating ain't helping you anymore than Snooki, fat boy. You probably lost more than that when drunk last weekend(if you go out). So is it worth the time and effort to protest on campus at off-peak hours, over miniscule losses to you, and in a poorly organized fashion? Was it? Feel good about yourself?

I mean, just don't go. It's $10 a ticket. We all have to pay a flat rate towards SA events. Do you go to EVERY pal? Are you going to protest every guest you don't see? Don't look like an idiot. Play XBOX or something next time. Or why don't you join an intramural team? What? Not into sports(aka not athletic)? Well, go protest the mandatory intramural fee you pay while you're at it too. about a bunch of clowns...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

...and I'm Back Because...?

Yeah, don't really know why back here writing another post. I just did a whole lot of reading as review for my Chem test. I should sleep cause I have a 10:05am class--but I'm in the zone for this right now.

I sometimes wonder if I have insomnia, but I can sleep if I really choose to. I'm afflicted by a mental form of insomnia where I'm too preoccupied to want to sleep, when I really should. Perhaps, it's just one of those nights. This week has been pretty stressful so far, and I'm not one to stress. But between two tests, a quiz, a paper, working in the stacks, homework, and "fraternity matters"--there are not nearly enough hours in the day for me to accomplish everything I'd like to.

I want to re-organize the furniture in my room.
I want to write every night, consistently. It's really enjoyable for me and I like to think that I'm doing something productive.
I want to clean up my room and organize my stuff.
I want to go and do some grocery shopping.

But at the end of the day, where can I fit these in? It is highly possible I'm just poorly managing my time, but unlike last year, I have a 5 day week of classes. Atleast right here, right now I've found an artist that fits the tone of my night: MuteMath. Song is "Valium."

I remember in high school, every night, I'd only sleep after 2am, earliest. I'd just be sitting in my room either reading or just finding some solace in my vast iTunes library[recently passed the 8k songs mark]. I wish there was a Genius tool on iTunes where it automatically searches for and acquires music I'd like. I really do enjoy learning about new bands and whatnot. But it's really tough to find that time and still keep up with old artists. I did a bit today, but man, it's work.

I'm scouring my tired and weary head for something useful I can give to whatever awesome person is reading this, cause if you actually follow or atleast try to, I appreciate your appreciation. Hmm...

I want to say something even semi-wise without regurgitating something else or babbling. [Insert staring into space]. My window is cracked open, because although my building has A/C, apparently they forgot what its purpose is. And I hear cars going by, sounds like they drove through puddles. It is a curious thought, why people are driving around at 3:21am. You know what, maybe, like me, they're unable to allow themselves sleep. And wanted to just go for a drive.

I think next time, I will go for a drive. Anyone who has a license, and doesn't like driving--just stop. Let's empty the roads a little for people like me who enjoy it. I just wish there weren't as many rules in regards to stuff like speed. It's nice to hit the gas a little with the air blowing into the car. It's refreshing. But nope, not with Campus PD. Even a walk would be chill, but I'd look like a creeper or something. I'd actually even enjoy sleeping outdoors. Anyone want to go CAMPING? takers? Ok. That's cool. I don't mind a solitary trip.

Switched it up, Coldplay's "Spies" is the soundtrack as I just type here to myself. Maybe someone will have read this far. But chances are they haven't. I did state this blog would include rambles, so you can't say you weren't warned. I just like to write my mind/thoughts. I wish I could write songs, that'd be pretty dope. There's a lot of "I wish" skills I have, but I've yet to master any completely. I'm a jack of all trades? Nah. Part time jack of some trades. Hahaha. That's more fitting. Whatever my title, I want to actually say something with conviction or meaning now.

Thank goodness for, it always has something relevant. And in this case, it didn't even require any leg work since it was on the front page.

"“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” -Lewis Carroll

I liked that a lot. I feel like we all encounter times where we're unsure of what to do or where we're even going with something. Unless it's of vital importance we reach a specific point, I think we should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Life's a funny thing like that. You never know where you may end up in a week from now. A month from now. A year from now. This goes for anything: jobs, relationships, self-image, life goals, etc. 

Try not to stress too much. Life goes on. It's never over until it's over. And as much as you may disagree, you never HAVE to do anything, there's just a little of things we think we SHOULD do. Don't confuse the two.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"No Winter Lasts Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn."

So it appears right now that my posts are coming at once a week...WHICH SUCKS. I get so many ideas and inspirations throughout the week, but I'm practically drowning in work. Unlike last year, I have to actually dedicate time to do work; I know, it sucks. But I'm going to hopefully have my burden lightened by this weekend. I get to play some catch-up. Whatever, screw it.

I'm here now. Let's not get picky.

For tonight's post, I'm going to first include the song that partially inspired me: Heard 'Em Say. The other inspiration came from a conversation with a very good friend of mine--they know who they are.

Well, as we all know, the start of school also coincides with the start of a season, Fall, that not too many people are fond of. This is not to say, that everyone is a part of the Anti-Autumn movement. But aside from the cooler weather, start of school, and end of summer, there are deeper reasons that have turned quite a few against this particular season.

Kanye: They say people in your life are seasons,
And anything that happen is for a reason.

To many, Autumn not only brings school, but gloomier weather and cloudier skies. The overall tone, is not a very hopeful or happy one. Summer, which we can assume is the season of happiness, swimming pools, BBQs, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and all that good stuff--is over. What makes it worse, is that for most, summer goes by fairly quick while the rest of the year drags. And if it wasn't enough that the warm weather and good times are coming to end, we are left to a season that involves the life and nature all around us slowly wither away, until we are at Winter's doorstep.

And let's be frank, Winter is the season of death, desolation, and depression. This is the season where the trees and flowers we once climbed and picked, are (sorry T.I.) "Dead and Gone." You don't wake up to birds or see as many wild animals, because they've all gotten the memo that there's nothing left for them until Spring. Spring, is the season where the cycle can restart. Life can start anew. We see the budding plants and fruits starting to come in. The wildlife returns. Everything back on track...oh. And school's almost out.

All things considered, Fall got the worst hand out of all the seasons. Spring is a very sensitive but hopeful season, hence all the crying(rain). Summer is just a party animal. And winter is cold and heartless, so it doesn't really care about what people think. But still, we have Autumn, trying to be liked and enjoyed--but everyone knows it's a precursor to winter. And like most things, the anticipation of something unenjoyable can oft be worse then that "thing," itself. We all know what Autumn signifies the downward spiral towards Winter.

I get it. Really. I do. It's hard to be cheerful and optimistic when everything around is "Fall"-ing apart. [I know it's really lame and cheesy, but I couldn't help myself.] There is actually science that supports the correlation between weather and mood, paralleling colder/drearier weather with sadness. But one thing I urge you to remember is, that it all has a purpose. That there is a bigger picture that we can't see. Yeah, it's not always easy--especially when we let our imaginations, hypotheticals, and worries get the best of us.

The Autumn is leading us to winter, where it does appear that all is lost. but not everything dies. There are plants/trees that soldier on through with minimal resources or support. but year after year, decade after decade, they survive. I've never been a plant, but I can't imagine it's easy to make it through one winter, knowing that it's only a few months until they have to go again. But much like nature, perhaps this time of the year is the time where we realize what's worth keeping in our lives and what we can write off as extraneous. Like the evergreens, we can't escape the seasons...actually, we can relocate. But that doesn't have the same emotional or inspirational value. But on a more serious note, as opposed to fighting the feelings, maybe we can harness it and use it for our own good. None of us have our lives together 100%, atleast none of you that I know. Haha. We all have baggage and issues and insecurities. Now is the time to re-evaluate and realize what we should fight for and protect, and what we can let go of.

By doing so, we can not only shed much of the unneeded burdens we've been shouldering for so long, but perhaps it will put the things that matter to us, in a new light of appreciation. Help us remember that as much as we all have skeletons in our closet and anchors weighing us down, there are aspects of our life that we can be grateful for. As bad as you have it, we don't know how much better that may be than another person's life.

I'm going to close with this:

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

-Anne Bradstreet

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Music to my Ears.

This is a mini-post of sorts. I got a Blogger app for my Droid. So maybe mini-posts will be a thing? Who knows, I dont. You guys know my consistency varies. "/

Anyways, I'm listening to my iPod, specifically Dear and the Headlights, a band I really like and am revisiting. Both albums: Drunk Like Bible Times and Small Steps, Heavy Hooves are great. Awesome song line-ups on both. I wouldnt necessarily say that the vocals are the selling point as much as the style, lyrics, and instruments...but thats my take.

Anyways, I've always considered music to be an integral component of my life. Seriously. Ask anyone who knows me, I almost always have music playing. And as my iPod is going, I am thinking about how I usually have songs to tie to emotions and experiences. This goes as far as certain songs being so closely linked at times to negative memories, I either delete them or just avoid listening.

Branching off of that, I thought about people, who when asked, have no particular preference or opinion and opt out with, "whatever is on the radio." Now, I won't lie. I will listen to the radio on occasion to see what's on if I forgot my iPod--but I can in no way, rely on that as my sole source of music. They repeat the same friggin' song so often. I've switched stations to avoid an overplayed song, only to find it on three other stations as well!

Now given my ties and my necessity to relate music to my life, I wonder how anyone could settle like that. I suppose what I want to know is, are people who only listen to music because it's catchy(which, let's be real, all radio music is essentially), emotionally/artistically/mentally more primitive? Or is this just me being pretentious? I mean, it's not as if people dont have access to music via other means. How can they not care to listen to music on a deeper level?

I don't know. What do you think? I don't mean to offend, I'm really at a loss for an explanation. If you only like "catchy music," please enlighten me.

Rant, over.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Switchin' Gears.

Bright House by Seabear. [The song I liked most that played while I was writing.]

So, I suppose I should come up with a title for my post, post-post. Cause otherwise, I may end up wanting to write something totally different, but restrict myself unnecessarily and force a post instead. You know? I apologize for being so spread out with these. You may not believe me, but I do look forward to writing here; it's relieving for me. But between work, fraternity matters, and schoolwork--it's hard to find time in between. And please, don't misconstrue those as being horrible things either. I'm very grateful for a paying job, being in a good school, and an awesome brotherhood. It's just that there isn't enough hours in the day.

Tonight, I'd like to talk about LIFE. I know, broad topic. Haha. But in all seriousness, I'd like to hone in on a general life philosophy that I try to abide by and remember.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”

--Charles R. Swindoll

I'm sure we've all faced situations where things didn't seem fair or just. Perhaps someone did something to you that should've never occured. Or on the flipside, maybe someone wasn't there when you needed them most. I don't think anyone will disagree that we are wronged, quite possibly on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the majority of people will use this disappointment or what have you, as a crutch. They either use it as a scapegoat for any failure on their behalf or they defer blame and accept defeat.

The fact is, as much as I hate to say it, what happened, is exactly that--happened. (Now don't get too nitpicky on the grammar there,) That little "-ed" at the end of the word denotes a past tense. And what's in the past is past. We could spend all day saying what it  "should have been" or what it "could have been," but unless you've discovered a feasible method of time travel(in which case, you're wasting your time reading this blog...), there's nothing left to say. All we can do from here is move forward and try to mend whatever injuries we've sustained along the way.

There's a reason why the rearview mirrow is smaller than the windshield, it'd be hazardous the other way around.

It's not healthy to live in the past, but it's important that we recognize its significance in shaping us into who we are today. I just urge you to learn to let go and start making strides in the right direction. In line with my car analogy, if life is a car we're at the wheel of, then that is all we have the wheel of. You never know what life will throw at you or who else is on the road, we're merely in charge of our "car" and ours alone. Yeah, sometimes our cars break down and we need help, sometimes we get into accidents, and sometimes we get lost. But never, think that we can't do anything about it. Take a defense driving course, invest in a particular part of your "car" to avoid future issues, and buy a GPS.

Life is sucky at times, I'm not suggesting it's all gumdrops and rainbows...cause I don't care much for either of those to begin with. But we all have stuff we deal with on a daily basis, some worse than others. Just don't let the external variables make you forget that they are still external, and that we have an internal component as well.

Night, folks.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


{Here's the song I'm using to soundtrack tonight's post: Moment I Said It}

So, guys, in case you didn't know, I got a haircut. There were a few reasons for the new "do"(Do people even use that phrase anymore? "Do"? Is it even being used properly? I just stared at that sentence for a minute, but it seems appropriate.) Yeah, it sucked that my hair was hard to maintain or style, just the way I liked it. There was also a lot of it, which means more hair in my face or other random places. And if it got messed up, which it so often did, I'd be stuck wearing a hat. 

Leading up to the haircut was quite a nervewrecking experience. You'd think that I, a pretty logical and rational individual, would be aware that I had nothing to lose with a shot at something different. I mean, hair does grow back. This is nothing new. But I learned that a change as small as: what kind of haircut should I get, can be very similar, emotionally and mentally, as any major change...

We all have a certain comfort zone that we've gotten acclimated to. So when this prospect of change comes up--we hesitate, we stress, we overthink, we don't sleep, etc. It consumes us, more or less depending on the degree of change.  We start to wonder whether the change we were confident about is really worth the risk of it potentially backfiring and going contrary to what we wanted. We pursue the upsides in our heads at full speed, until we catch a glimpse of the possible downsides. Continuing with the haircut as an analogy, we wonder if maybe we come out of it looking worse and regretting taking that chance. Perhaps we're better off playing it safe, but then the curiousity of this "what-if" will return and continue to grow, metaphorically dragging us to a fork in the road where more often than not, we take the tried and true route, even if the other option may hold something better.

In life, our decisions can be broken down pretty simply. We can keep the training wheels on and ride comfortably. It might not be as enjoyable, but maybe, for right now, we're alright with that. Or we could chance a scraped knee or two with the prospect of being freed and unhindered. The bruises gathered along the way won't be pleasant at first, but they are temporary. After all the falling and crashing is done though, you can ride faster and more liberated than before. And when that happens, those temporary pains will be long gone from your head.

Maybe we examine the prospect of change when we feel that we aren't fully content. We seek the means to grant us that fulfillment in whatever area of our life that is--be it hairstyle, fashion, hobbies, future, career, relationships, etc. But if we refuse to leave our comfort zone, than we can never truly know. Until that step into the dark has been tried, you cannot know if you'd be happier. That is not to say that every move for a change will be a better one, but at the very least, it'll reinforce your confidence in that which you had already discovered. In my opinion, life's a lot more fun and exciting when you take a chance or two. Not only will you learn a thing or two about others, but you'll learn even more about yourself.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sophmore year of college has commenced. I've been pretty overwhelmed this summer with mad stuffs. The one upside, I started a Tumblr. Sorry Blogger, I'm not cheating per se--merely suggesting we see what all is out there!

Either way, let's not be petty. I'm back and hoping for a more fruitful semester of blogging. As things are, this year is shaping up to be pretty BALLIN'.  Classes are a'ight, got all my brothers and friends at school now, sweet suite, and my car is on campus.

Although, I will say that this past weekend was quite an adventure...but you can ask me about that one in person. Either way, I plan on joining a gym that offers MMA classes, complimentary. Yet, another plus. Now I just have to figure out my major, and we'll call it a truly monumental year.

Seeing as this was merely, a re-introduction and an unveiling of my Tumblr(which I'll try and co-manage as well), I'll leave it at this.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The College Effect- A Social Phenomenon.

Here's your song, Hey London by Chiddy Bang. Get at him.

College, what fun. I am only a few weeks into my summer after my freshman year of college and boy does the world look different...

...nah. It's not that different, I take that back.

So yeah, college. 

It's pretty much the first time in our lives where we make some serious decisions for ourselves. Well, maybe some of us have those overbearing parents that feel they should dictate every facet of your life. If that's you, I sincerely apologize on their behalf because that totally BLOWS. For the rest of us though, there are still a lot of choices we are faced with: go away to school or stay home, what major, extracurricular activities, Greek life, sports, schedules, jobs, etc. The list goes on.

And the ramifications of these choices are even more far-reaching. But I digress, let me make my way back to what I wanted to talk about. I've come to the realization that regardless of whether you go away to school or commute--your social life changes.

Let me rewind really quick, towards the end of the semester a lot of people had mixed feelings on going home. There were the kids who couldn't wait to go home whether it be for the free food, lack of schoolwork, free time, or implicit sleep. Then there were the kids who wanted it to go on because they either hate their home life (maybe they get locked in their attic or something sad like that) or dreaded the free time they were provided with and felt unproductive. And maybe, just maybe, they will miss the constant contact with their peers and friends.

I saw myself in the former group. I relished free time, sleeping 12 hours a night(minimum), too much food, and most of all, hanging out with my favorite people who I haven't seen since winter break/last summer. The way I saw it, I'd pick up where last summer left off. August 2009 concluded on a "To Be Continued..."-type situation. However, more and more as I'm home, I'm realizing that although the majority of those aforementioned benefits of being home, this summer isn't as reminiscient as last summer--THE SUMMER OF MY SENIOR YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL. Maybe it's the lack of prom and after-prom. Maybe the underlying tension of knowing we'd part for college drove everyone together. But whatever it was, it has seem to escaped me.

I wonder whether it's necessarily a phenomenon as the title states, but I'd imagine that I'm not the only one. I feel like nowadays, there's a contagious sentiment of being unsociable. Again, I do realize that all my friends may have decided that I'm a lame and chosen to shun me, but I don't think that all my different groups of friends could be that coordinated. I don't know why, but no one I used to hang out with, wants to hang out anymore. I feel like the circles I used to frequent, have modified and truncated the groups. I am trying to postulate the reasoning behind this because I'd like to think I make an effort to reach out to my friends and keep in touch. But mayhaps I've been deemed an extraneous friend. Who knows.

I don't think I'm any less fun. So if someone knows what the problem is, please tell me. I don't think I'm unfixable if it is me. Haha. Seriously though, try and make an effort people. It's a matter of sending out a simple text message. I feel like this negligence will only contribute to further social separation between us, which would be a shame. Regardless of what anyone says, I value my friendship with almost a few people...nah. I kid. Or in the words of Tadros, I'm "jaking." But yeah.

I'm tired of having to hunt people down to do things. I'd like to think that the summer of '09 was probably the best summer. Let's top that. I'm sure you'd enjoy it too. Otherwise, I guarantee you'll regret missing out. Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow but eventually.

I hate to say it, but I'm starting to feel closer related to the group who wants to be in school. I don't want the bane of my existence to be solely at Binghamyon, but I'm running out of options.

I wasn't sure what note I was going to end this on, but I am opting to shine the spotlight on my friend Rilwan and a video that came up when I signed into Youtube. Enjoy!

Where's My Chapstick?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 411 on Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse; I personally love this song. It's very low key, which tends to be the pattern with the songs I share. The reason for that though, is that I write at night--late at night. So I'm not going to be playing too much rap/hip-hop. I prefer something I can play quietly in the background of my doings. Hope you like it. 

(SIDENOTE: Absinthe NOT necessary to enjoy song. No fairies, but a good listen nonetheless.)

So as the title has stated, I'll be talking about fighting. But to specify, I'll be focusing mostly on my style of choice: Krav Maga.

For a really quick lesson on Krav Maga= developed around WWII as a means for people to defend themselves against Nazis(yes, it's primarily a self-defense style) and evolved into one of the most effective, brutal, and practical systems to date. Krav Maga is more a MMA(mixed martial art) than TMA(traditional martial art). Realizing the potential and advantages that different styles bring to the table, KM takes moves and such from a variety of different arts including Muay Thai and JKD(which is actually very, very similar to KM). 

If there was every a class I'd advise anyone to take, it's KM. I loved it because of the basic principles it teaches and the very efficient methods used to neutralize any threats that you may be faced with.

This is a clip from ABC's Good Morning America. It features the Krav Maga Federation, the one in which I trained, doing a demo along with some commentary.

As you can see, the goal of each move that a Kravist executes, is entirely purposeful. The intent of everything is to stop the "attacker" as quickly as possibly, regardless of what that takes. Now I'm not suggesting that you should straight up kill someone. We don't condone excessive force, rather we believe that the harder someone gets put down, the less likely they'll jump back up ready to go for Round 2. Secondly, being that it's a self defense system doesn't mean that we have to sit around waiting for someone to hit us. In actuality, prevention is key. Let's be real: if posed with the threat of four, potentially armed guys, should you try to run or fight them all? In all honesty, one potentially armed guy is a serious threat regardless of your fighting experience, four is just downright dangerous. Anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid. Now that you tried to run and you find yourself trapped, you go to Option B, fall back on your KM training to survive this encounter.

In this day and age, it'd be highly foolish to presume anything about anyone. That's why I find it dumb when people assume whether or not they can beat someone based strictly on exterior qualities. You can never know fully, unless something happens. You don't know if they have a knife on them...

That's my friend. Usually have it on me at all times unless in a secured environment.

And to be truthful, a knife entered into the equation is an automatic added danger sans any knife fighting experience. We're talking about sharpened metal being flailed about in a high stress environment. Let's not even get started on a gun...

So yeah, one thing Krav Maga stresses is to NOT get hurt. There are no rules or honor when your life is on the line. When I say that, I mean anything goes between you and the aggressor. Groin, eyes, soft tissue, etc. If you have a metal pipe and they don't, use it. Although I'd think anyone who is unarmed that is faced with someone toting a metal pipe would surrender. Or if you don't have a weapon, higher level material goes over disarms and removing weapons from your opponent's hands. Even the blocks include a strike so that you can take control of the situation immediately and lead the fight.

When I talk about KM to people, they always pose these ridiculously, impossible scenarios; "wat if sum1 had a baz00ka 2 ur face nd sum1 else had a tank behind u?" C'mon, guys. No one is saying it is the solution to everything. But what it does do is prepare you for as many situations as you can. There's a saying, "No battleplan survives contact with the enemy." I think it goes with this 100%. Nothing can assure you that you will be ready for every single scenario, but a well-rounded system like KM can try and cover as many bases as possible. 

If there was ever a fighting system I'd declare supreme for real-life encounters, it's Krav Maga. Cracked agrees. And they can't be wrong. But seriously, look into it. One thing that has been a thorn in KM's flourishing is the multitude of McDojo versions of Krav offered. A lot of places that claim to teach it aren't actually authentic and only provide a very watered down, ineffective version. Do your research, please!

If you want more information, let me know.

I'm going to steal a quote from my instructor that embodies the essence of Krav Maga--

"If you don't like that I don't fight fair, don't f*ck with me."

It's as simple as that, ladies and gentlemen. Night.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Note To Self...

Pass Out(Freestyle)

I probably shouldn't go around claiming to give you things that I don't necessarily provide. Lesson learned: "you get what you get, so don't get upset." That's what my little cousin gets to contribute to this blog. And I think it's something you'll find true.

There will be many, many things that I'm going to want to write about. I won't lie. I love to write, especially on this blog. But I don't want to force anything. I realize I said I'd continue my series on religion but at the same time, I'm not inspired to do so as of yet.

Instead of trying to do something out of obligation, consider every post its own individual entity unless I go ahead and do a subsequent part. I'll try not to promise something I won't deliver on. Also, I'll finish the series I started on religion--just not yet. I'm not feeling it, and I only like to go when I'm in "THE ZONE." So I'll wait.

Sorry for any disappointing. Also, I'll try and write regardless of my personal life. TRY. I'm on vacay now, homes. Sorry. You'll survive. Good times with my cousin though.

Peace out, B Spot.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Don't try pressin' it. You don't want to see what happens...

Yeah. I found a fitting image. So I realize that you're all on the edge of your seat waiting for the next part of my rant on religion. Fact is, last night I got like 4 hours of sleep. Therefore, I'm not competent to write something so witty and informative.

Instead, I'm going to chill out. Maybe watch some HIMYM, or for those of you unaware about these hip acronyms--How I Met Your Mother. Great show, if you ask me. Ridiculous, over the top, and hilarious. The underlying plot is simplistic but ideal. Not too complicated for antone to jump in this late in the game, but enjoyable for those of us who've been hanging in there since the beginning. I started watching this series last semester and within about a week and a half I caught up on like 4-5 years of television. BALLIN'! But yeah, good stuff. Check it out, y'all.

Also, second plus point of the day. After almost two long years of car shopping, I've found the one! It's an '07 Honda Accord SE. Four cylinder. And only 35,000 miles. But here's quite possibly one of the coolest aspects: it's black! To me, a hardcore Batman fan and a self-proclaimed Dark Knight, this means it could serve as my Batmobile! C'mon, you have to admit that it's pretty friggin' sweet. It's perfect.

There she is! The Batmobile. <3

But yeah. I hope you can all understand how exciting of a day today was. So exhilarating that it has taken a toll on this body of mine. I'm liking the way this summer is starting. Car down, job next. 

Srry for holding everyone up. You'll get part 2 of religion eventually! 

Nighty night. =] 

Amendment: There was technically supposed to be a soundtrack for tonight's post, but I'll give you a little somethin', somethin'. No One's Ever Gonna' Love You. Secondly, I also forgot I said I want to put quotes in. I'll try doing that next time if my memory doesn't fail me. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Religion, another 'R' word (Part 1).

Dreamworld. Get at it.

So as the blog title states, I'm going to try and focus on 'R' words for the sake of alliteration. I shall be doing a rant on religion, a topic that is highly interesting yet very disputatious, depending on who you're talking to. I'll also mention that I have my own beliefs, quite solid ones albeit, that I won't necessarily be delving into. However, should you be interested to talk religion, I'm more than willing. But in the case of this posting, I'll be speaking on broader terms--RANTING you might say. You may disagree with what I say, or possibly be offended. Therefore, I heed you to reconsider reading further, and to acknowledge these are my solely my opinions.

Now, the way I see it, there are a few types of people:
  1. Theists: people who follow a religion of some sort and believe in God along with certain tenets or belief systems involved. Examples- Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, etc.
  2. Atheists: people who believe that God does NOT exist. I'm not saying that they're not associated with a religion, these are folks who affirm that there is no "Man in the Sky" or things of that nature. Many people mistakenly lump all non-religious people together. There are people who are not sure about certain religions and don't take a stand, but atheists are taking a stand that there is no God; "atheist"=anti-theist, anti-belief in God.
  3. Agnostics: people who acknowledge that there may be some sort of higher being, but do not think we can understand it or ever will. They're kind of like the political "Independents" of the religious realm. Instead of trying to seek answers or invest the effort, they just assume an apathy of sorts.
  4. Other: people who don't know what they believe but try to sound intelligent and describe themselves as "spiritual" or "interconnected with nature" and whatever other nonsensical things they say. This also includes the appeasers and politically correct people who don't want to risk offending others with their beliefs, so they assume the beliefs of all.
 I'm not claiming to support this, because I disagree. But I do find it humorous and insightful as to how a lot of people view it.

For the sake of this blog, I'll leave it at those four. I realize these are broad categories, but they'll serve their purposes. I'm going to give my two cents on each as best as I can. I'm going to separate each one into a different post. That way I don't have a crazy long post. 

I suppose we can work backwards from #4. I think these people are kind of oblivious to what they're propogating along with coming off as kind of silly. I'm trying to refrain from using stronger language in regards to conveying my opinion, but really, I don't think a lot of these people are aware of what they are claiming. First off, what does it mean to say--"I'm not religious, just really spiritual." That's quite possibly one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. How are you spiritual? What're you doing? Making up your own beliefs and customs? That could technically be a religion. The only other option is that you do nothing but like to think you are doing something. So please, re-think what you're saying and what it may sound like. Cause it sounds kind of dumb, and I'm sure you're smarter than that.

The other thing I absolutely can't stand. That's right I get peeved pissed, because of how ignorant and naive this statement is-"All religions are right. They all get you to Heaven, or what have you." Anyone who knows anything about religions (yes, more than one) will know that the majority of religions out there claim sole EXCLUSIVITY. To assert that they all co-exist and all achieve the same results is ludicrous. Yeah, it's all nice and peachy. And it's a good way to avoid religious debate, but it's ridiculous to make a simple minded statement like that.
Think about this: five people standing outside looking at a field of pure white snow, no matter what color people thought the snow was be it blue, red, green, orange, or mahogany--the snow is still white. 

As much as people would like to think that all belief systems result with the same end product, not all beliefs were created equal. This is not a question of perception or opinion, matters like this require a firm position. Also, should we assume that "all roads lead to Rome," or "heaven," who can say what religions are validated or what isn't? Is Pastafarianism true if the believers are devout? Scientology? How about a personal religion I made up?

In short, I think that option #4 incurs too many contradictions and questions. It's not a wise choice. So these people need to reconsider what they want to flaunt around in regards to their "beliefs." Again, not saying you're an idiot or something, but just that this is an idiotic stance. Sorry, someone had to say it. Further, you may think that this is the safe answer when religion comes up, but on the contrary I think it is even more insulting because you undermine and demean the  beliefs of others by remaining oblivious to what their religion says.

Night, all.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keeping That Consistency Up...

In line with my last post, I'll share the song that I'm currently listening to or one that I think is worth checking out. I consider myself somewhat of a music guru(among other things) and feel an innate sense of responsibility to bestow my musical tastes to others; Don't Let Me Fall

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours.” 
- Harry S. Truman

Back in the day, before the days of Facebook there was another entity known as MYSPACE. The days when Tom was a household name. 

Look at him with his folded hands, dumb smile, and dry erase board...

But yes, I used to have a regular bulletin known on the streets as "Kumar's Words of Wisdom," where I'd post an inspiring, thought-provoking, or just funny quote hoping that my readers would contemplate and reflect on it. I don't quite remember what led to that bulletin's downfall, but my inclination to look up relevant quotes has never faded. In light of this, I think I'm going to commence the body of my blog with one--just for kicks. Hope you enjoy.

Anyways, now that I've provided that exposition of sorts, I'd like to express a dilemma that I think sucks majorly. Perhaps others have also felt the same. WHY WON'T ANY #@^! PLACE HIRE PEOPLE? Don't be mistaken; I understand that jobs are scarce. But there has to be jobs somewhere. I'm in a college student in need of some bank, folks. Gimme a break. All I'm asking for is a cozy retail job. Some of the places that don't seem to be hiring: Journeys, Gamestop, Best Buy, Regal Cinemas, Finish Line, Borders, Verizon Wireless, etc. 

I am also willing to acknowledge that I picked some sweet places to try and work, however I'm open to suggestions. Anyone who is aware of a place that is hiring, please tell me! I'll even include my email, so that you may contact me. All one of you. Haha. Why am I even bothering pleading for a job here? Who knows. But it's really annoying. How will I pay the bills? Child support? Hospital fees?...ok. I'm dramatizing it a little, but you get the point.

Secondly, I'm a firm believer in personal interaction. Screw this electronic nonsense. I strongly believe that given a face-to-face evaluation/interview for a job, the person in charge would see that I'm a potentially valuable and efficient employee. When I get going, I GO HARD. So why do I still end up doing that same freakin' personality questionnaire that's 587687486 pages long for EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN' ONLINE APPLICATION!!! Really though, the same thing? It takes twenty minutes every time anyway. about a waste of time. ^_^

I'm done complaining about this failure of a college student job market. Readers, please. Hook up a brotha' up.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hakuna Matata, mon amis.

Comes and Goes (In Waves); That's the song I'm playing at the ripe time of 3:48am. You can enjoy it too as you read the rest of this entry(although with my track record, the reading time may outlast that relaxing 6 minutes of music).

I just got back a few minutes ago from dropping my friend off, and while we embarked on the journey to return him to his humble abode only to turn around and reach mine--I reflected. I had my genre of Acoustic music playing on my night drive and I thought about tonight's events:

6pm-Howard picked me up to go to Anna's.
7:53pm-Howard, Anna, Pete, Kathleen, Margaret and I all get in the car to go to the lock-in.
8:35pm-Howard, Pete, Anna, Katie and I get to good ol' Rinconcito Paisa(Restaurant, Friends <--- according to Dave) for cheap, yet awesome Colombian food.
10pm- Get Tara to crash the lock-in at Funstation.
1am-Leave Lock-In after hardcore bumper cars and lazer tag to reconvene at my place.
3am- Finish watching The Lion King.
3:30am- Home after dropping Pete off.

In my opinion, it was a very fulfilling and complete night. I really can't ask for much more than that. The part that I'd like to focus on though was the our movie selection.

Allow me to digress really quick, anyone who doesn't think The Lion King... an awesome movie, may stop reading NOW. In fact, I insist that you stop and re-examine your life. Possibly your childhood and amid this introspection, perhaps you may uncover where you went wrong.

Back to what I was going to say, sorry for those of you who can appreciate a movie for what it's truly worth for wasting your time, but I realized that I have never fully comprehended The Lion King for all that it has to offer. This may sound hypocritical after I just chastised those who aren't appreciating like 15 seconds ago(if you're not a very fast reader) but it's quite the contrary. I am acknowledging that the movie is profound enough that I had to be an adult legally, not necessarily mentally. There is some serious business going down in this movie, talk about an emotional rollercoaster(No, I did not cry. Men aren't born with tear ducts, don't ya' know?). It also has a lot of jokes that I don't think I ever got until now. Timon and Pumbaa for the win, folks. I laughed out loud more during this than some other more "mature, adult" comedies. Sometimes simple is better...actually, it usually always is.

In line with all that, I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I think we all need to loosen up. As hard as that may seem with you overachievers and your summer classes trying to complete your predetermined plan for school or those of you working your summer away trying to acquire that currency that you just put in the bank; hakuna matata all, no worries. What good is what we do if we never enjoy the time we have now. Take a day off just to relax, listen to some mellow music, maybe pop one of those old school Disney VHS' in, and just appreciate. Think about everything you've wanted to do, but haven't gotten around to. Are you waiting for those ideal circumstances? Really? Well STOP. There's no better time than the now. It's all we can really be sure we have.

Finally, I'll leave you with some words by Jim Rohn-"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer of 2010.

WHATTUP BLOG. How you doin'? What'd you say? Where have I been? I had finals and ish, but don't worry cause school is over. I plan on being faithful to you this here summer, unlike during the school year...



Back on task though--I'm sitting here in my room, at the very start of my first summer in college. To be honest, more than before, I have high hopes for this summer. And I'm not just talking about sleeping in and being a bum either. I feel like ever since college, I've been more liberated at home. Those days of being told to be home by "___pm" have now been replaced by the suggestion to "not be home too late." That line between "late" and "too late" is a tricky one, one which I've determined based on daylight; once it starts to get light out then I know it's been too late.

The liberation is good as well as the sense of maturity and wisdom you feel college has instilled in you. Mind you, I said "feel" fully acknowledging it may not be the case. But I do possess some sort of purpose-filled mindset.

Some of my personal goals for the summer: finally buy my car, go to the gym, Krav Maga, and get a job of some sort(hopefully legal).

I'm kidding--would I engage in illegal activities? NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Chilling here with some Ratatat playing, I feel good. This summer has the potential to be the best summer. I feel it already. Just a matter of my chinese brother Howard coming home along with some other friends to commence the festivities.

On that note, I'd like to think this is the start of a my blog, again.

Welcome back followers. Welcome back people who were actually looking for another blog and ended up here. Welcome back, Me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Breakdown.

For the first time since the conception of this blog, I went a day without posting...DUN DUN DUN!

It feels kind of like standing someone up for a date(I've never actually done that, but shame on you if you have). And if there's anyone I wouldn't want to do that to(aside from my lovely lady), it's my readers. Partially because it's not constructive to keeping people coming back if I'm not consistent. Also because you guys are all I got, in regards to fans/followers. On that note, I'm sorry

Seeing as I'm not quite in the mood to break down something specific, I'm just going to run you through my weekend:

Friday- I didn't have class, but I had other duties that required me to wake up around 10am for lunch hours. (NOTE: I've gotten so used to having my sleeping in days and it sucks to lose them. I have a Tuesday-Thursday school week. Therefore, I sleep in Fridays-Monday.) Whatever. Then I...hmm...I'm seem to be having a memory lapse or something cause I can't recall anything else. In the evening I had a pledge event, "The Hunt." It was tiring as hell, but still purposeful. I made it a point to constantly prod and verbally joust with Pat Brown. That was fun while it lasted, but even I have a point at which I just can't joke anymore due to fatigue and decreased energy. I finally get back to my room around 2:30am. Never before has my bed been as embracing nor as warm. So, like anyone would, I reciprocated this affection...until some douche decided to spite this mutualistic relationship with my mattress and pillows by TRIGGERING THE FIRE ALARM. So after standing outside and listening to Jose say "shat-up" and "alriiiiiiigh" for an hour, I rejoined my bed to make up for lost time.Saturday: This was my most eventful day, so get ready to do some reading...Again, I wake up 10am, this time for library hours at 11am--meanwhile I get there to find out the library opens at 11am 12pm. We were told 11am in order to test our discipline or whatnot(at least that's what I surmised). After grabbing some breakfast in Dickinson(Beware: Not only does Dickinson have an obnoxious draft, but saturday mornings also mean that they will be hosting a bunch of children there for breakfast. I don't mind kids, but last time I ran into them they were very loud, rowdy, and distracting), we head over to the library. Between studying for my psychology midterm, I fulfill my promise to Pat Brown Jr. by imposing his head on a certain picture...

 My inspiration from this picture stems from another internet meme that you can find here. After library hours, I meet up with my fellow pledges to partake in the event for the day simply known as "A Cold Day in Oakdale." This was  probably the most "lulz"-filled event thus far. Highlights include: Andy's middle school picks, lingerie shopping, the Jekyl/Hyde sisters, and my suaveness outside Ruby Tuesday. Oh yeah, and Blake's new Lithuanian friends. After that and a quick drive to Kohls, I came back to my room to learn that my two engaged friends(Wyoma and Dan), who were visiting this weekend, were already here chilling with Peter and Anna. We decide to go out to eat at Five Guys for some burgers. It was my first time. I found the burger itself to be good(not award-winning) but unnecessarily pricey. The one aspect that I did appreciate was the plethora of toppings to choose from. I also learned that having grilled onions, jalapenos, and hot sauce is a little spicy all at once. After Five Guys, we sought out this mystical place known as Sonic. (Insert some phone calls and fiddling with GPS) Voila! One fifteen minute drive later--Peter, Dan, and I are all holding RT44's which are ultimately 44 ounce cups filled with slushies. I believe that thing lasted me close to 4 hours. The only downside to it was that I'm pretty convinced every RT44 comes comes with a side of Type-5 diabetes. We get the ladies(Wyoma and Anna) some bubble tea from The Old Teahouse right next to campus. Back in Mohawk, we decide to commence a game of "Electronic Banking Monopoly." This thing invokes a whole new set of strategies now that the cash is gone and everyone is rockin' debit cards. Once me and Pete were out of the game, we have some fun Jose and his overprotective nature with his fitted; he makes no sense. Debating whether to bowl or play poker, the group unanimously(or unitarily) decided to start The Dark Knight, which is probably the greatest movie of its kind and others ever created. I make attempts at my psychology review before catching the last hour or so of the movie and going to sleep.

Sunday: I wake up at some time that I'm still not sure of due to this clock changing nonsense. I slowly get up and drag myself around to get ready while Wyoma, Dan, Pete, and Anna go to eat breakfast in the dining hall since they move at a normal pace. I shower and then eat some oatmeal(+5 for being healthy) while figuring out what's going on for the day. I get a text about library hours at 3pm which is followed by a text informing pledges that library hours are invalidated due to the Greek Life at Binghamton getting into an uproar about lunch hour-related incidents among all fraternities/sororities. They call an emergency congregation of all pledges from 3-6pm. That doesn't seem to me like a 3-hour time period which I can forfeit considering my Bio midterm is on monday and psych is tuesday. I politely email their office about my circumstances and they not only excuse me, but wish me luck(wonder what'll that do for me). I start some studying and find out that there will another session of monopoly today. After joining late(when atleast 75% property is already bought), I don't hang in too long with only 2-3 spots to my name. Once eliminated, I continue studying for bio until their game of monopoly ends. At that point, Dan and Wyoma decide it's their time to hit the road(hopefully not literally considering the risk of potholes and the low Camaro SS they'd be cruising in). After walking them out, I decide to start up my baller laptop to bang this post out. And there ya' go. Here I am. After this, I have a review session for psychology at 7pm. Then it's some combination of taking a nap and doing more studying for biology. What a riveting night I have ahead of me...


And for something amusing and loosely related to the fact we watched The Dark Knight: