Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talk About Being Inconsiderate...

Today, I've come to the conclusion that the majority of people in this world are so self-absorbed and self-centric that they fail to recognize how annoying/frustrating/disliked they are by those around them.

The number of times I've wanted to just punch someone in the face today, surpasses the number of times I probably wanted to this past month.

REALLY, PEOPLE? Yeah, it's totally fine if you go through the single door and stand in the middle of it blocking the entire path as you have a conversation as meaningless as your current life. OH, and by the way--you're fat. Maybe if you didn't roll yourself to class, I could shimmy by you. <_<

No, but it didn't end there. Is it that difficult to hold a door open for someone else nowadays? I mean, you waiting for...what? Ten seconds AT most, would probably save someone else a minute. Where do you have to go in such a rush? ...actually. I take that back. I do not believe--I know your life isn't that important. Alright, fine. Maybe 1 out of every 100 people actually have something legitimate they're hurrying off too. The rest of you are just selfish. It's just polite and courteous to linger for that extra second or two. I DO IT FOR YOU, for goodness sakes.

I have some demands I'd like to make. Yes, demands.

  1. Open your eyes and look around. Start being aware of the fact that other people exist around you, so stop friggin' taking up the whole hallway because you were a few chromosomes short and don't know how to walk,
  2. Hold doors. Hold it for people coming inside. Hold them for people behind you to atleast get to it. Hold it if you see someone holding stuff. I'm sure they're not looking forward to trying to use their feet to open the door. Hold the door if you see someone that appears to be also going through the door after you, you won't die for waiting. 
  3. And among these, please use words like "please, thank you, and excuse me." Thank you. It just makes you a bit classier, and trust me--that bit will mean the world of the difference. 
  4. Just be considerate. Don't talk about things that no one wants to know or should know about, other than you. Yes, this includes talking about yourself.
  5. Listen to people. Instead of waiting for your turn. Try going a conversation without talking if you're not prompted.
  6. Clean up after yourself. No, I'm not your mom. I'm not going to ground you. Instead, I'm going to be pissed and clean it up myself because I actually have some dignity and don't want to give off the impression that I piss and defecate where I live, work, stay, and sleep. I get it, you were busy. What about the fact that it's been two weeks? Stop being so lazy. Holy crap. 
I know I seem angry. I'm actually a nice guy. But people need to step back for a second and think about this.

And no, I won't even start to get into driving habits I hate.

G'night and stop pissing me off. <3

Love you...well, most of you...

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