Thursday, September 23, 2010

Music to my Ears.

This is a mini-post of sorts. I got a Blogger app for my Droid. So maybe mini-posts will be a thing? Who knows, I dont. You guys know my consistency varies. "/

Anyways, I'm listening to my iPod, specifically Dear and the Headlights, a band I really like and am revisiting. Both albums: Drunk Like Bible Times and Small Steps, Heavy Hooves are great. Awesome song line-ups on both. I wouldnt necessarily say that the vocals are the selling point as much as the style, lyrics, and instruments...but thats my take.

Anyways, I've always considered music to be an integral component of my life. Seriously. Ask anyone who knows me, I almost always have music playing. And as my iPod is going, I am thinking about how I usually have songs to tie to emotions and experiences. This goes as far as certain songs being so closely linked at times to negative memories, I either delete them or just avoid listening.

Branching off of that, I thought about people, who when asked, have no particular preference or opinion and opt out with, "whatever is on the radio." Now, I won't lie. I will listen to the radio on occasion to see what's on if I forgot my iPod--but I can in no way, rely on that as my sole source of music. They repeat the same friggin' song so often. I've switched stations to avoid an overplayed song, only to find it on three other stations as well!

Now given my ties and my necessity to relate music to my life, I wonder how anyone could settle like that. I suppose what I want to know is, are people who only listen to music because it's catchy(which, let's be real, all radio music is essentially), emotionally/artistically/mentally more primitive? Or is this just me being pretentious? I mean, it's not as if people dont have access to music via other means. How can they not care to listen to music on a deeper level?

I don't know. What do you think? I don't mean to offend, I'm really at a loss for an explanation. If you only like "catchy music," please enlighten me.

Rant, over.

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