Thursday, September 30, 2010

...and I'm Back Because...?

Yeah, don't really know why back here writing another post. I just did a whole lot of reading as review for my Chem test. I should sleep cause I have a 10:05am class--but I'm in the zone for this right now.

I sometimes wonder if I have insomnia, but I can sleep if I really choose to. I'm afflicted by a mental form of insomnia where I'm too preoccupied to want to sleep, when I really should. Perhaps, it's just one of those nights. This week has been pretty stressful so far, and I'm not one to stress. But between two tests, a quiz, a paper, working in the stacks, homework, and "fraternity matters"--there are not nearly enough hours in the day for me to accomplish everything I'd like to.

I want to re-organize the furniture in my room.
I want to write every night, consistently. It's really enjoyable for me and I like to think that I'm doing something productive.
I want to clean up my room and organize my stuff.
I want to go and do some grocery shopping.

But at the end of the day, where can I fit these in? It is highly possible I'm just poorly managing my time, but unlike last year, I have a 5 day week of classes. Atleast right here, right now I've found an artist that fits the tone of my night: MuteMath. Song is "Valium."

I remember in high school, every night, I'd only sleep after 2am, earliest. I'd just be sitting in my room either reading or just finding some solace in my vast iTunes library[recently passed the 8k songs mark]. I wish there was a Genius tool on iTunes where it automatically searches for and acquires music I'd like. I really do enjoy learning about new bands and whatnot. But it's really tough to find that time and still keep up with old artists. I did a bit today, but man, it's work.

I'm scouring my tired and weary head for something useful I can give to whatever awesome person is reading this, cause if you actually follow or atleast try to, I appreciate your appreciation. Hmm...

I want to say something even semi-wise without regurgitating something else or babbling. [Insert staring into space]. My window is cracked open, because although my building has A/C, apparently they forgot what its purpose is. And I hear cars going by, sounds like they drove through puddles. It is a curious thought, why people are driving around at 3:21am. You know what, maybe, like me, they're unable to allow themselves sleep. And wanted to just go for a drive.

I think next time, I will go for a drive. Anyone who has a license, and doesn't like driving--just stop. Let's empty the roads a little for people like me who enjoy it. I just wish there weren't as many rules in regards to stuff like speed. It's nice to hit the gas a little with the air blowing into the car. It's refreshing. But nope, not with Campus PD. Even a walk would be chill, but I'd look like a creeper or something. I'd actually even enjoy sleeping outdoors. Anyone want to go CAMPING? takers? Ok. That's cool. I don't mind a solitary trip.

Switched it up, Coldplay's "Spies" is the soundtrack as I just type here to myself. Maybe someone will have read this far. But chances are they haven't. I did state this blog would include rambles, so you can't say you weren't warned. I just like to write my mind/thoughts. I wish I could write songs, that'd be pretty dope. There's a lot of "I wish" skills I have, but I've yet to master any completely. I'm a jack of all trades? Nah. Part time jack of some trades. Hahaha. That's more fitting. Whatever my title, I want to actually say something with conviction or meaning now.

Thank goodness for, it always has something relevant. And in this case, it didn't even require any leg work since it was on the front page.

"“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” -Lewis Carroll

I liked that a lot. I feel like we all encounter times where we're unsure of what to do or where we're even going with something. Unless it's of vital importance we reach a specific point, I think we should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Life's a funny thing like that. You never know where you may end up in a week from now. A month from now. A year from now. This goes for anything: jobs, relationships, self-image, life goals, etc. 

Try not to stress too much. Life goes on. It's never over until it's over. And as much as you may disagree, you never HAVE to do anything, there's just a little of things we think we SHOULD do. Don't confuse the two.

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