Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Only Thing Worse Than The Jersey Shore... people protesting the Jersey Shore @ 9pm outside my building. <_<

So in response to my school hiring Snooki to come judge an abs contest, provide a fist pump tutorial, and offer "behind the scenes info" about the show (ZOMG!!1!)--a group of twenty to thirty students gathered at the bus stop across the street from me to protest her being invited as a guest/performer(?) and the cost of $16,000 it tolled.

Now, I get it. Everyone and their mom watches the show for whatever the reason: amusement at the retardation levels, the ridiculousness of it, or just the meme-generating-one-liners. So naturally, it's cool to be "anti popular." I don't personally find the show worthwhile, but I will admit it has entertainment value as far as reality TV. In other words, I don't care for it, but I can see why others do. But yeah, so I'm sure some of these dumb kids are so overzealous on their nonconformist high, and thought: "SNOOKI IS COMING?  Let's get all 3.5 of my friends and protest her arrival. Why? BECAUSE WE SURE AS HELL CAN!"

Wait, hang on, why would they wait to stage a protest and try to raise awareness at friggin' NINE O'CLOCK?! By that point, classes are done and anyone who would even be vaguely interested (1 guy) in joining would've left campus and went back to their room to cry about being lonely. Is it really worth protesting, guys? Is it reaaaaaally? Especially when whatever they were chanting didn't pique my interest as much as close my windows and turn my music up. Seriously. They were not even chanting in unison or in any comprehensible fashion. I don't know. Seems like a plan that failed from the start. Either way, this was a retarded idea.

Sure, let's humor the chance they cared about the fact she was paid a few thousands. We have 12,000 full time students or so. The cost for her divided among us is like, what? Less than $2. Think of all the stupid crap you spend $2 on. The junk food you're eating ain't helping you anymore than Snooki, fat boy. You probably lost more than that when drunk last weekend(if you go out). So is it worth the time and effort to protest on campus at off-peak hours, over miniscule losses to you, and in a poorly organized fashion? Was it? Feel good about yourself?

I mean, just don't go. It's $10 a ticket. We all have to pay a flat rate towards SA events. Do you go to EVERY pal? Are you going to protest every guest you don't see? Don't look like an idiot. Play XBOX or something next time. Or why don't you join an intramural team? What? Not into sports(aka not athletic)? Well, go protest the mandatory intramural fee you pay while you're at it too. about a bunch of clowns...

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