Sunday, December 26, 2010

Feels Like A Less Jack Nicholson-y Shining.

So yesterday was Christmas. Let's give Christmas a round of applause. Yeah. Good holiday.

But now it's the day after Christmas. And today was the day, NYC and the surrounding areas was hit with a blizzard. I woke up to a sea of white trapping everyone in my uncle's house. It's been said that the snow would get as high as two feet. Which is a lot. And the blizzard warning is in effect until 6pm tomorrow supposedly.

So I've kind of just been in the house all day. To be honest, I probably would've stayed inside all day anyways. But this massive snowfall gives it an eerie feel to it. There are a bunch of other people around the house too, but for the most parts, the house is generally un-lit. So it's been feeling like night for a while. And it's hard to see outside the windows.

I suppose I feel trapped.

Not that I had some grandiose plans that have been interrupted.  But nonetheless, I'm stranded. I can't really drive in these conditions. And I'm stuck(not necessarily in a bad way) with the same group of people. Everyone seems to be wandering around looking for something to do, in these dark hallways. I'm just sitting in one of the bedrooms while my cousin Ryan is on another bed in here, on his laptop. Oh! We also just watched the new reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street. Jackie Earle Haley is pretty cool guy. He plays Freddy Kreuger. But he's also played Rorshach in Watchmen and the sketchy, but awesomw Guerrero in Fox's show, Human Target. Not a bad movie. But I was also on AIM the whole time. So don't take my word for it.

Back to this doomed, trapped feeling...

...well, yeah. I feel trapped. Maybe I'll go outside into the snow. But I have no boots with me. And I hate the cold. And getting wet, sans the shower. Which leads me to believe I shouldn't go outside.

Yeah, driving conditions must suck. I wonder how many car accidents there have been because of it. It'd suck to have died the day after christmas. Atleast I still my laptop. I can escape via the internet. More than there being a lot of snow. It's so gloomy and dark. It makes today seem like some dark and foreboding time.

And I have a cold. I hate getting sick. It rarely ever happens. But since I don't have my own room here and we're all trapped, the chances of getting sick is higher with the forced contact. People get sicker in winter, not because of the cold temperatures directly. But because the cold outside, forces us to stay indoors and in closer physical contact. Making it easier to spread sickness.


I guess that's all I have to offer you right now, if you considered that, anything at all.

Sidenote: I want to make the time investment into Krav Maga again.

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