Thursday, December 16, 2010

Synopsis of the Mind.

Menomena- Oahu

So, what did I come here with the intention of writing? Good question, but a trick question...don't mind me. I'm borderline delirious from the mass amounts of music history I've been absorbing (all thanks to an awesome and terribly persistent girlfriend).

But yeah. I think more than seeking to express some grandeur thought, I was hoping to find some solace in the act of writing itself.   I don't know what it is that I find soothing/relaxing. I suppose just being able to empty my thoughts and emotions onto this electronic paper, allows me to rest with nothing consuming my mind.

I literally just spent...fifteen minutes, typing a whole paragraph or so, only to erase it on the basis that it served no purpose. Oh well...

So this semester went by, extremely fast. I feel like my classes hadn't even gotten into full swing yet. And BAM. Semester, complete. Half of my sophmore year in college is done, and I still feel like I have no clue what this college business entails.

I guess I can recount what has been accomplished these past few months:

  • Got very familiar with my car, once driving 700 miles in one weekend.
  • Familiar with drive between home and school; 3 hour car trips ain't got nothin' on me.
  • Declared my major as: American PPL[Political Science, Philosophy, and Law].
  • First semester as a full fledged brother within my fraternity.
  • Passed the 9000 song mark on iTunes.
  • Found an amazingly awesome, and awesome-ly amazing girlfriend who I'm crazy about. <3
  • Had a semi-successful "DREAMTEAM Weekend," with my awesome friends. Part two is soon to be announced...
  • Committed blogger to Tumblr, and part-time with Blogspot(which is linked to my Tumblr).
  • Officially done with math/science classes, forever
That's all I can recall, in my semi-aware state of consciousness at this moment. I'm sure there's more, but all in all, based on just the aforementioned bullets, I'd say it was a pretty good semester.

It's scary to think how fast time has been flying though. I'd hate for me to miss out on the times I should be savoring, only to realize I'm a middle-aged dude working full-time left with the remnants of memories from my younger years. I don't think this semester was as eventful as it could be, but I'm hoping to kick things up a notch come 2011. 

Speaking of which, switching to using the new year is always so annoying. Gah. Whatever, I guess that it's a fact of life. Atleast next semester I'm somewhat excited for my course load. I think it'll be enjoyable, or at the bare minimum, interesting:
  1. Arabic 102
  2. Criminal Procedure
  3. The Literature of War
  4. Political Islam
Yup. So I guess we'll see come May how that goes. Currently, I'm looking to find a job for over Winter Break. I'd like to have some steady income. If only, to put gas in my car. 

Alright. I'm done telling you about my life. Go away. Ahaha.


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