Friday, December 3, 2010

On That Note...

I was doing some thinking, partially because of a certain formspring post-
"You are the last person on earth I would ever want relationship advice from. Your relationship track record is pitiful and that blog post was a complete JOKE."
Also because I feel like this needs to be addressed in general because maybe it wasn't completely clear in my last post:

I never claimed to be perfect or all-knowing when it comes to relationships. Not in any way, shape, or form. I mean, let's be honest, who is?

But I don't think it's contestable that along the way, I've observed or picked on somethings. Whether these were things I got from just thinking, or whether my SO fell short, or I fell short--it doesn't make the advice/suggestions any less true. Therefore, whether I'm credible or not, if the advice is pretty standard and generally agreeable to almost everyone, I don't see the issue.

I can be an awesome sports column writer, but that doesn't imply that I'm the next All-Star player in whatever sport. [And no, I'm not saying I'm an awesome writer, just making a point.] Further, that whole argument is based on the fact that I'm absolutely horrible at relationships, which I don't think is entirely true. I admit that I'm flawed, but I do believe I put a lot of effort into my relationships, which is evident in their longetivity and seriousness. So I find that to be a moot point.

And along those lines, I believe that not every relationship is the be all, end all. I think relationships serve their purposes in your life, to help you grow, learn about yourself, and how you are with others. You also get to learn what matters to you and what you can let go.  That's why I'm not of opinion that you can fall in love only once. I don't think anyone has the ability to judge someone else's emotions/affection, so all you can do is evaluate yourself.

Thinking back, I don't know if I completely regret any relationship, even the really bad ones. I did take something away from them all and it helped shape me into who I am today. In addition to that, I am glad that they all ended when they did, because I think it was all for the best, even if I didn't want to accept it as such at the time.

TL;DR- I don't claim to be the best boyfriend[though I don't think I'm the worst] but I do claim to know a thing or three about relationships and will continue to write as I see fit.

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