Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Expectations.

In case you're wondering about whether or not all my titles will be pseudo-epic(clearly they've been so thus far), the answers is HELLS to the YEAH.

So I've been doing some pondering as to what I'll be writing about in the future. As a little teaser for all(seven) of you, potential upcoming subjects I'll be touching upon are black people, redheads, and other things so awesome that my brain refuses to reveal them to me at this time.

As I sit here at this desk in the library, I am bored out of my mind. I have a Bio test coming up with a Psyc test the next day, but those things can wait. I have a blog to write, I realize.

The topic on which I'd like to dive into today is piercings(tanks Toota).

Seeing as this topic is going to improv status, let's get to it...

My friend is thinking about getting a piercing. Since she was thinking about the possibility today and gave it to me as a suggestion for a blog, I'm doing it. (NOTE: See, this could've been you if you gave me an idea.) Anyways, the piercings she was debating were a second hole in her ear, a bellybutton ring, or nose piercing. In my opinion, I think with the creative minds that are out there, she's limiting herself. She neglected to mention a lip piercing which has become quite popular worldwide, as seen below:

DISCLAIMER: Lip plate piercings do not include a complimentary AK-47 and Classic iPod. Sorry.

Nevertheless, unfortunately it's her body so it's ultimately her decision(insert disappoint).

Instead of making suggestions though, I will give my own personal analysis of each of the aforementioned piercing with a final verdict. Just be aware that I am not basing this on any experience and I shall merely be generalizing.


1) Second ear piercing- based on the basic description I got, I'm going to assume this just going to be another standard piercing. Not an industrial or gauge(which I think are cool--if the person can pull it off). The way I see it, so many people have multiple standard piercings that they've become a norm of sorts. They're not unique as much as just a slight modification. It's like saying, "HAY! I want to be cool and rebellious but not be too risky or out there, I'll just get a second hole in my ear." Mind you, I have no piercings nor am I a female. But this is how I perceive it. So what am I getting at? BORING. It's whatever.

2) Bellybutton piercing- the infamous margaritiferous midriff (that's my attempt at a hip name for a bellybutton piercing). If you don't know what that means, look it up. It'll improve your diction. But yes, in my opinion, I find this to be quite a promiscuous piercing. If you don't agree, SHUT UP. Really though, let me elaborate. In the grand scheme of things, piercings(and tattoos) are, at heart, a form of self expression. Therefore, I don't buy into that whole "I don't care if other people see it, it's there for my self-satisfaction"-nonsense. With this assumption, a primary purpose that any adornment in the bellybutton region would only serve to draw attention and focus to itself. Further, the only time that anyone would be able see this part of the body would be if A) you're wearing a shirt small enough to reveal it or B) you're in a bathing suit. Both of these scenarios are already PEAK times where members of the opposite sex will be checking out said person. Any accessorizing to exposed parts will only prolong staring and provide them with a just cause to do so; "...wha...OH! No. Sorry. I just saw your piercing. It's cool....>_>...that's it. I wasn't checking you out..." Hence, it'll just be attracting unwanted attention. It'll only become unwanted if the noticing party is not highly attractive. All in all, it's not a bad piercing--but one should recognize the connotations and subconcious signals that said piercing will send out. Promiscuity in this sense, isn't such a bad thing if you're looking to attract guys. They just may not be attracted for all the right reasons.

3) Nose piercing- the good ol' nick on the nostril. I know quite a few people who have this piercing, so I best watch my words. =X In my opinion, I think this makes a bolder statement than the second in the ear, along with it being a better statement than the bellybutton ring(not that it's bad), I'm speaking relatively and in respect to the demographic of guys you may interest. It's a bold statement because you're putting something smack dab in the middle of the face, so it's not concealable. Your decision to pierce your nose is a stern one. (WARNING: According to the lovely Ms. Tara Wilson, a nose piercing never fully heals.) Unlike the bellybutton, this one is also a lot less wanton. I believe it still maintains its uniqueness which the second ear hole hasn't. So my advice would be to jump on the bandwagon now, before it becomes more mainstream. I think that it's cute depending on the girl...(JAYKAY <3 you Katie). But make sure it's nothing too ornate. A simple stud of sorts is best. Most girls can pull it off, which is another benefit.

In short(get it? cause it's a long post), go for the nose ring. It's simple, cute, and still retains a sense of classiness. I don't mind the bellybutton piercings but they're not my favorite. And to be honest, these extra holes in your ear don't make a difference. I wouldn't notice, they don't do anything for you or me(in my opinion). More of a neutral action.

I play...JUDGMENT DRAGON!!!!!!11111

Enough of piercings, I'm starting to feel my metro levels increasing...ugh....


Err...I mean, my metrocard levels...


Night, folks.

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