Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Like that frenchy title? Betcha' did. Well, this is my first post. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be touching upon in this or any other writing I do on this site, hence the title in french, "Why?". I'm kind of hoping that perhaps one day I'll be gifted with this brilliant theme or goal to which I'll orient this blog. However, for the time being-I'll just talk.

Let's talk about me. For starters, as you can see I have a thing for alliteration. On the other hand, I don't care much for assonance(partially because I never remember exactly how it works).  I don't mind writing as long as I have a say over what topic. Guess who decides what I write about on this? Not me.


Jaykay. I get to pick. It's my blog, fool. But yeah.

NEWSFLASH: I just learned that if I accidentally have a hand spasm and delete a plethora of stuff I spent a long time typing out, Ctrl+Z works! Hip hip hooray...nah screw dat. Das' gay.

Sidenote: I don't mean "gay" in an offensive to homosexuals context--I mean "gay" in an offensive to heterosexuals context.

What else to talk about, what else to talk about...

So I live on campus. Currently a freshman. And the building I live in is primarily reserved for international students, athletes, and other people who require break housing. I kind of just lucked in here when I applied for housing. I say "lucked" because our hall is considered one of the nicest on campus. It's right next to a dining hall(NOM NOM NOM) and within close proximity of the other important buildings. Now this last week or so, my roommate and I me and my roommate(the conventional rules of grammar and writing don't apply here, folks) had to figure out if we wanted to stay in this building next fall and if so, what we had to do to make sure we got it. Now I started to elaborate on what happened regarding our future housing situation. But I wasn't feelin' it. I scrapped it. But yeah. We're in here but two floors up and three roommates more. And did I mention a smaller common room? Eh. We'll manage. know what else sucks? When you're outside in the cold without gloves and your fingertips start to sting. Mine still do and I've been inside for the past hour.

Anyways, I'm going to try and think of something less mundane and more thought-provoking(doubt it) for my next posting. If you have any suggestions, post away. Chances are you won't because I don't plan on revealing this publicly to my friends yet. I'll still appreciate myself for asking though when I re-read this in all its posted glory.

I'm also trying to think of something epic that would be signature in every post. Some traditions of sorts. I guess I'll just sit on that one...or just consider it because the concept of sitting on an idea is physically impossible.

I now bid you goodnight.

PS- I italicized friends because I was referring to FB friends. Then again, I'd like to think I'm pretty comfortable with the people that I add/add me. So perhaps I should only italicize part of it. like the 's.' My friends. Yup. There ya' go.

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