Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Breakdown.

For the first time since the conception of this blog, I went a day without posting...DUN DUN DUN!

It feels kind of like standing someone up for a date(I've never actually done that, but shame on you if you have). And if there's anyone I wouldn't want to do that to(aside from my lovely lady), it's my readers. Partially because it's not constructive to keeping people coming back if I'm not consistent. Also because you guys are all I got, in regards to fans/followers. On that note, I'm sorry

Seeing as I'm not quite in the mood to break down something specific, I'm just going to run you through my weekend:

Friday- I didn't have class, but I had other duties that required me to wake up around 10am for lunch hours. (NOTE: I've gotten so used to having my sleeping in days and it sucks to lose them. I have a Tuesday-Thursday school week. Therefore, I sleep in Fridays-Monday.) Whatever. Then I...hmm...I'm seem to be having a memory lapse or something cause I can't recall anything else. In the evening I had a pledge event, "The Hunt." It was tiring as hell, but still purposeful. I made it a point to constantly prod and verbally joust with Pat Brown. That was fun while it lasted, but even I have a point at which I just can't joke anymore due to fatigue and decreased energy. I finally get back to my room around 2:30am. Never before has my bed been as embracing nor as warm. So, like anyone would, I reciprocated this affection...until some douche decided to spite this mutualistic relationship with my mattress and pillows by TRIGGERING THE FIRE ALARM. So after standing outside and listening to Jose say "shat-up" and "alriiiiiiigh" for an hour, I rejoined my bed to make up for lost time.Saturday: This was my most eventful day, so get ready to do some reading...Again, I wake up 10am, this time for library hours at 11am--meanwhile I get there to find out the library opens at 11am 12pm. We were told 11am in order to test our discipline or whatnot(at least that's what I surmised). After grabbing some breakfast in Dickinson(Beware: Not only does Dickinson have an obnoxious draft, but saturday mornings also mean that they will be hosting a bunch of children there for breakfast. I don't mind kids, but last time I ran into them they were very loud, rowdy, and distracting), we head over to the library. Between studying for my psychology midterm, I fulfill my promise to Pat Brown Jr. by imposing his head on a certain picture...

 My inspiration from this picture stems from another internet meme that you can find here. After library hours, I meet up with my fellow pledges to partake in the event for the day simply known as "A Cold Day in Oakdale." This was  probably the most "lulz"-filled event thus far. Highlights include: Andy's middle school picks, lingerie shopping, the Jekyl/Hyde sisters, and my suaveness outside Ruby Tuesday. Oh yeah, and Blake's new Lithuanian friends. After that and a quick drive to Kohls, I came back to my room to learn that my two engaged friends(Wyoma and Dan), who were visiting this weekend, were already here chilling with Peter and Anna. We decide to go out to eat at Five Guys for some burgers. It was my first time. I found the burger itself to be good(not award-winning) but unnecessarily pricey. The one aspect that I did appreciate was the plethora of toppings to choose from. I also learned that having grilled onions, jalapenos, and hot sauce is a little spicy all at once. After Five Guys, we sought out this mystical place known as Sonic. (Insert some phone calls and fiddling with GPS) Voila! One fifteen minute drive later--Peter, Dan, and I are all holding RT44's which are ultimately 44 ounce cups filled with slushies. I believe that thing lasted me close to 4 hours. The only downside to it was that I'm pretty convinced every RT44 comes comes with a side of Type-5 diabetes. We get the ladies(Wyoma and Anna) some bubble tea from The Old Teahouse right next to campus. Back in Mohawk, we decide to commence a game of "Electronic Banking Monopoly." This thing invokes a whole new set of strategies now that the cash is gone and everyone is rockin' debit cards. Once me and Pete were out of the game, we have some fun Jose and his overprotective nature with his fitted; he makes no sense. Debating whether to bowl or play poker, the group unanimously(or unitarily) decided to start The Dark Knight, which is probably the greatest movie of its kind and others ever created. I make attempts at my psychology review before catching the last hour or so of the movie and going to sleep.

Sunday: I wake up at some time that I'm still not sure of due to this clock changing nonsense. I slowly get up and drag myself around to get ready while Wyoma, Dan, Pete, and Anna go to eat breakfast in the dining hall since they move at a normal pace. I shower and then eat some oatmeal(+5 for being healthy) while figuring out what's going on for the day. I get a text about library hours at 3pm which is followed by a text informing pledges that library hours are invalidated due to the Greek Life at Binghamton getting into an uproar about lunch hour-related incidents among all fraternities/sororities. They call an emergency congregation of all pledges from 3-6pm. That doesn't seem to me like a 3-hour time period which I can forfeit considering my Bio midterm is on monday and psych is tuesday. I politely email their office about my circumstances and they not only excuse me, but wish me luck(wonder what'll that do for me). I start some studying and find out that there will another session of monopoly today. After joining late(when atleast 75% property is already bought), I don't hang in too long with only 2-3 spots to my name. Once eliminated, I continue studying for bio until their game of monopoly ends. At that point, Dan and Wyoma decide it's their time to hit the road(hopefully not literally considering the risk of potholes and the low Camaro SS they'd be cruising in). After walking them out, I decide to start up my baller laptop to bang this post out. And there ya' go. Here I am. After this, I have a review session for psychology at 7pm. Then it's some combination of taking a nap and doing more studying for biology. What a riveting night I have ahead of me...


And for something amusing and loosely related to the fact we watched The Dark Knight:


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