Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something For Them Bookworms.

So I'm sitting here in my bio class and I'm bored. I know that technically that's not a reason to neglect the class and write on my blog. What I didn't tell you is that I'm amazing at multitasking. I'm able to pay attention as well as get my thoughts out...

Speaking of thoughts, after some thinking I have come to realize that to restrict myself to one post a day would be injust to not only me, but to all my adoring fans(yes, you are part of that demographic). It's especially hard since I'm usually going through random trains of thought in my head. Having a venue, like the Internet, where my thoughts could hypothetically be read by anyone is also tempting. Therefore, I've decided that along with my topic-based posts, I shall also be writing smaller(knowing me, probably not) and more eclectic posts. Just whatever's on my mind.

By the way, CARBON CYCLE! Yup. Told you I was paying attention.

But yeah, there's no one really interesting for me to observe and/or write about. Everyone's too serious. I never understood why people are so serious about classes. Now I'm not saying that they shouldn't care. They definitely should unless they plan on dropping out soon. But I think that there are ways to study and do well without spending nine hours a day in the library. More study time does not necessarily equate to higher grades. And even if it does work for you, that's not to say there aren't more efficient ways. Studies show that your brain can only learn so many new things in so much time. Hence, cramming isn't the best idea. You might remember things for a period of time until it's forgotten to make room for the new information. Space out your reading people, do a little here and there, ya' dig?

Wow. I got pretty serious right thurr. Time to add some humor; what do you tell a woman with two black eyes?



Nothing! You already told her twice!

Haha. I love that one. One of my friends brought it up last night. Good times, good times.

And no, I don't believe in women's rights, if that's what you were wondering.

Alright. I'll be back later with today's topic.

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  1. Way to be a horrible student and not pay attention in class.

    P.S.- You better be kidding about the women's rights thing.