Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keeping That Consistency Up...

In line with my last post, I'll share the song that I'm currently listening to or one that I think is worth checking out. I consider myself somewhat of a music guru(among other things) and feel an innate sense of responsibility to bestow my musical tastes to others; Don't Let Me Fall

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours.” 
- Harry S. Truman

Back in the day, before the days of Facebook there was another entity known as MYSPACE. The days when Tom was a household name. 

Look at him with his folded hands, dumb smile, and dry erase board...

But yes, I used to have a regular bulletin known on the streets as "Kumar's Words of Wisdom," where I'd post an inspiring, thought-provoking, or just funny quote hoping that my readers would contemplate and reflect on it. I don't quite remember what led to that bulletin's downfall, but my inclination to look up relevant quotes has never faded. In light of this, I think I'm going to commence the body of my blog with one--just for kicks. Hope you enjoy.

Anyways, now that I've provided that exposition of sorts, I'd like to express a dilemma that I think sucks majorly. Perhaps others have also felt the same. WHY WON'T ANY #@^! PLACE HIRE PEOPLE? Don't be mistaken; I understand that jobs are scarce. But there has to be jobs somewhere. I'm in a college student in need of some bank, folks. Gimme a break. All I'm asking for is a cozy retail job. Some of the places that don't seem to be hiring: Journeys, Gamestop, Best Buy, Regal Cinemas, Finish Line, Borders, Verizon Wireless, etc. 

I am also willing to acknowledge that I picked some sweet places to try and work, however I'm open to suggestions. Anyone who is aware of a place that is hiring, please tell me! I'll even include my email, so that you may contact me. All one of you. Haha. Why am I even bothering pleading for a job here? Who knows. But it's really annoying. How will I pay the bills? Child support? Hospital fees?...ok. I'm dramatizing it a little, but you get the point.

Secondly, I'm a firm believer in personal interaction. Screw this electronic nonsense. I strongly believe that given a face-to-face evaluation/interview for a job, the person in charge would see that I'm a potentially valuable and efficient employee. When I get going, I GO HARD. So why do I still end up doing that same freakin' personality questionnaire that's 587687486 pages long for EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN' ONLINE APPLICATION!!! Really though, the same thing? It takes twenty minutes every time anyway. 

...talk about a waste of time. ^_^

I'm done complaining about this failure of a college student job market. Readers, please. Hook up a brotha' up.



  1. Dude I feel ya on this. Just think about it this way, the jobs that seem to cool to you are most likely cool for everyone, so they are taken. You have to walk into the sock store in the mall demanding a job bc those are the ones that need help. Also I too would rather fill an online application. I just lost my job and I'm in the same boat.

  2. You'd rather an online? I would rather just get interviewed right then and there. Spontaneous so I couldn't prepare and must be natural. I have confidence in my ability to think on the spot.

  3. I actually meant, not online