Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Religion, another 'R' word (Part 1).

Dreamworld. Get at it.

So as the blog title states, I'm going to try and focus on 'R' words for the sake of alliteration. I shall be doing a rant on religion, a topic that is highly interesting yet very disputatious, depending on who you're talking to. I'll also mention that I have my own beliefs, quite solid ones albeit, that I won't necessarily be delving into. However, should you be interested to talk religion, I'm more than willing. But in the case of this posting, I'll be speaking on broader terms--RANTING you might say. You may disagree with what I say, or possibly be offended. Therefore, I heed you to reconsider reading further, and to acknowledge these are my solely my opinions.

Now, the way I see it, there are a few types of people:
  1. Theists: people who follow a religion of some sort and believe in God along with certain tenets or belief systems involved. Examples- Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, etc.
  2. Atheists: people who believe that God does NOT exist. I'm not saying that they're not associated with a religion, these are folks who affirm that there is no "Man in the Sky" or things of that nature. Many people mistakenly lump all non-religious people together. There are people who are not sure about certain religions and don't take a stand, but atheists are taking a stand that there is no God; "atheist"=anti-theist, anti-belief in God.
  3. Agnostics: people who acknowledge that there may be some sort of higher being, but do not think we can understand it or ever will. They're kind of like the political "Independents" of the religious realm. Instead of trying to seek answers or invest the effort, they just assume an apathy of sorts.
  4. Other: people who don't know what they believe but try to sound intelligent and describe themselves as "spiritual" or "interconnected with nature" and whatever other nonsensical things they say. This also includes the appeasers and politically correct people who don't want to risk offending others with their beliefs, so they assume the beliefs of all.
 I'm not claiming to support this, because I disagree. But I do find it humorous and insightful as to how a lot of people view it.

For the sake of this blog, I'll leave it at those four. I realize these are broad categories, but they'll serve their purposes. I'm going to give my two cents on each as best as I can. I'm going to separate each one into a different post. That way I don't have a crazy long post. 

I suppose we can work backwards from #4. I think these people are kind of oblivious to what they're propogating along with coming off as kind of silly. I'm trying to refrain from using stronger language in regards to conveying my opinion, but really, I don't think a lot of these people are aware of what they are claiming. First off, what does it mean to say--"I'm not religious, just really spiritual." That's quite possibly one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. How are you spiritual? What're you doing? Making up your own beliefs and customs? That could technically be a religion. The only other option is that you do nothing but like to think you are doing something. So please, re-think what you're saying and what it may sound like. Cause it sounds kind of dumb, and I'm sure you're smarter than that.

The other thing I absolutely can't stand. That's right I get peeved pissed, because of how ignorant and naive this statement is-"All religions are right. They all get you to Heaven, or what have you." Anyone who knows anything about religions (yes, more than one) will know that the majority of religions out there claim sole EXCLUSIVITY. To assert that they all co-exist and all achieve the same results is ludicrous. Yeah, it's all nice and peachy. And it's a good way to avoid religious debate, but it's ridiculous to make a simple minded statement like that.
Think about this: five people standing outside looking at a field of pure white snow, no matter what color people thought the snow was be it blue, red, green, orange, or mahogany--the snow is still white. 

As much as people would like to think that all belief systems result with the same end product, not all beliefs were created equal. This is not a question of perception or opinion, matters like this require a firm position. Also, should we assume that "all roads lead to Rome," or "heaven," who can say what religions are validated or what isn't? Is Pastafarianism true if the believers are devout? Scientology? How about a personal religion I made up?

In short, I think that option #4 incurs too many contradictions and questions. It's not a wise choice. So these people need to reconsider what they want to flaunt around in regards to their "beliefs." Again, not saying you're an idiot or something, but just that this is an idiotic stance. Sorry, someone had to say it. Further, you may think that this is the safe answer when religion comes up, but on the contrary I think it is even more insulting because you undermine and demean the  beliefs of others by remaining oblivious to what their religion says.

Night, all.

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  1. Well done. Pastafarian is the greatest thing i have ever seen lol.