Monday, May 31, 2010

Note To Self...

Pass Out(Freestyle)

I probably shouldn't go around claiming to give you things that I don't necessarily provide. Lesson learned: "you get what you get, so don't get upset." That's what my little cousin gets to contribute to this blog. And I think it's something you'll find true.

There will be many, many things that I'm going to want to write about. I won't lie. I love to write, especially on this blog. But I don't want to force anything. I realize I said I'd continue my series on religion but at the same time, I'm not inspired to do so as of yet.

Instead of trying to do something out of obligation, consider every post its own individual entity unless I go ahead and do a subsequent part. I'll try not to promise something I won't deliver on. Also, I'll finish the series I started on religion--just not yet. I'm not feeling it, and I only like to go when I'm in "THE ZONE." So I'll wait.

Sorry for any disappointing. Also, I'll try and write regardless of my personal life. TRY. I'm on vacay now, homes. Sorry. You'll survive. Good times with my cousin though.

Peace out, B Spot.

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